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10 Best Adtech and Programmatic Advertising Blogs: 2020

Best Adtech and Programmatic Advertising BlogBest Adtech and Programmatic Advertising Blog
Best Adtech and Programmatic Advertising Blog
Best Adtech and Programmatic Advertising Blog

Technology has evolved rapidly in the last couple of decades and has introduced us to too much. Same with ad technology and they have come up with brilliant programmatic solutions and platforms that are immensely helpful. Not only that, but they also keep upgrading to better themselves in accordance with new trends or to set trends themselves. The only way to stay up to date with the constantly changing ecosystem is by reading ad tech news, programmatic blog, advertising blogs, digital marketing blogs, media buying blogs and such. Each year, the ad tech advances and to continue with your robust position in the advertising business, you have to become a nerd about ad tech news and look up the blogs each day. We have a list of the best digital marketing blogs that you can rely on.

The Ecosystem: Advertisers, Publishers, App Developers and Content Creators

These blogs are your go-to if you are any one of these- Advertisers, Publishers, App Developers and Content Creators. You would find loads of information and tips and tricks that would help you grow your business exponentially.

10 Best Adtech and Programmatic Advertising Blogs: 2020

The 10 Best Adtech and Programmatic Advertising Blogs mentioned here are some of the top grade blogs around digital marketing blogs and following up on these daily would keep you up to date with the latest eCommerce trends.

  1. Blognife 

With the best content to help publishers maximize their advertising revenue, Blognife is extremely reliable. They talk about ad networks and give recommendations about the ones that work well across niche and general sites.  If you are a publisher, you would be in for a treat, because they give you all the insights into ad optimization, helps explore new ways to monetize and use technology such as Google Analytics and AdSense to increase visits, revenue and conversions.

  1. Media Buying Info

Media Buying Info is centred around delivering real value to advertisers and talks about digital advertising to improve your business. They also have a whole lot of useful tips and tricks on their site that can help when purchasing media or when you are working on the optimization of your campaign. Other than that, they let you know of the feasible tips and tricks for several platforms and they have very reliable and real reviews that you can check out.

  1. Ad CPM Rates

Publishers and content creators should know about the overall CPM rates of ad networks and platforms like AdSense, YouTube, Facebook, Native ads and more. This blog  provides insights that talks about the cpm rates of various platforms and how publishers can improve their ad cpm rates when using those platforms. Some of the articles which you may consider reading are:-

  1. The Native Ads

With the Native Ads, you will have a better and clearer understanding of how you can use native advertising to monetize your blogs in a better way. They will teach you from the very basics and so well. You can even find the most basic things like what really is native ads and how to place them and what to use to place them. They also will familiarize you with the best practices around native ads. If you are a beginner and looking to understand this better, this is your site to visit. Also, the site contains recommendations for the best native ad networks for publishers. 

  1. The Programmatic Ads

Their content is perfect for you if you are a publisher looking to maximize your ad revenue through programmatic advertising. Not only do they cover the important programmatic deals like programmatic direct, preferred deals, PMPs, programmatic guarantees but also talk about how to leverage these. They have reviews and tips and everything else that you would need to know to increase your ad revenue and get Google Ad Manager to optimize your yield. They also have discussions around programmatic video and programmatic native ads.

  1. The Video Ads

The Video Ads is, as the name suggests, centred around video advertising and how to leverage that for great ad revenues. They have everything you need around the topic, right from how to get about with the idea of video advertising, the best companies and monetization platforms, kinds of videos and such. They also have a whole lot of tricks, tips and strategies that they vouch for and rest assured, their advice and recommendations are very reliable. 

  1. Push Notification Info

This is your key to monetize via push notifications and send across a good message to your users. Push notifications are clickable messages that can be instantly sent to your subscribers even when their browser is not open. They have reviewed a large number of software that would help enable push notifications and have comparisons and contrasts to see which one is better. Their information and advice are very reliable.

  1. Spy Tools Info

Ad Spying is basically a tool that spy on various landing pages that are presently running on different cellular campaigns and on different traffic sources. With this site, you will effectively and efficiently be able to achieve the purpose. They have reviewed a large number of spy software and such and compare them and give out a comprehensive and simple list of techniques that will help you achieve desirable results.

  1. The Daily Digital

This is your go-to site for any questions about digital marketing. You would be getting direct advice from some of the best in the business and they would not only take you about with their journey but also teach you how to monetize your website and make a good career out of a love for blogging. They teach you from the very basics so you do not have to feel that you have to do any read ups before looking their stuff up. Also, there are a lot of upcoming free digital marketing courses which you can access using the platform. 

  1. Arbitrageinfo

The blog contains relevant information to get you  started with amazon and retail arbitrage business. Although not exactly a blog that talks about adtech, but it does talk about how you can start  a scalable retail business online and other arbitrage businesses. Thus, the blog reviews a lot of digital products which helps you analyze and market your products.

These are undoubtedly the best of advertising technology and programmatic advertising blogs that you can look up for any information around digital marketing. 

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