10 Cryptocurrency Books all Bitcoin Traders Need to Read in 2022

10 Cryptocurrency Books all Bitcoin Traders Need to Read in 2022

If you’re interested in the concept of how a decentralized currency works in a digital world, then this useful primer published in 2014 is your way to go. The book has everything about the technology behind the token, its purpose, and how it can be applied in our daily lives.

You will learn how Bitcoin actually works, how the network processes the transactions, and how the actual network that holds everything in place operates. Critical concepts like BTC wallets and blockchain are also covered and reviewed in the book.

Devan Hansel – Cryptocurrency Mining

Look no further if you want to learn about mining the bitcoin and taking profits. Hansel is a very serious entrepreneur and investor that made more than six figures only from cryptocurrencies. The book covers everything regarding mining the coin, managing your finances, making investments, and doing all of that wisely.

The concept of cloud mining could also be checked in this book. Therefore, if you’re interested in it, you should give it a try, especially if you’re a beginner. If you would like to learn more about cloud mining you can do so here:

Phil Champagne – The Book of Satoshi

It is always useful to know as much as you can about the person that developed something. In this case, that is Satoshi Nakamoto, and Champagne takes a deep dive to unfold the mystery behind the creator. The writer puts out how he tried to investigate Nakamoto, how it was possible for him, or them, to create such a huge thing while being completely anonymous.

You will find internet posts and emails presented in chronological order that were published by Satoshi. Additionally, the book explains some simple technical stuff regarding the coin.

Christian Newman – Bitcoin From Beginner to Expert

As the name suggests, this book is a general primer on the coin, but also on cryptocurrencies in general. If you’re interested in all the details about blockchain technology and the practicalities of investing in the token, then this book is perfect for you.

It offers a great jumping-off point for all investors without any prior knowledge on the topic. You will get a chance to explore this digital currency from the perspective of an expert. Therefore, you will teach yourself how to get into the right mindset for your grind.

Nathaniel Popper – Digital Gold

A book that won several awards in the category of business books. The book investigates the early days of the token, investigates the creator, and tells a story from the perspective of the central characters. Some of these characters include the Winklevoss twins, Asian and South American millionaires, and others.

It is noticeable that the author is trying to compare digital currency to real gold. On several occasions throughout the book, you will notice that he tries to tell how bitcoin will certainly become the global standard of value in the future. The token itself is also analyzed very thoroughly.

Bitcoin Op Tech #2 – The Crypto Revolution

In this work that is a sequel to the 2011 Crypto Anarchist Manifesto, David Krieger tries to get us thinking about the possibilities of the evolution of cryptocurrencies. He does so by telling a fictional story regarding a future where money becomes another form of a social contract without any physical borders or governmental regulations.

The book tells what can happen if we use BTC as a medium for transactions and how it will change several aspects of our daily lives. Furthermore, he provides an insight into what can happen if we all use one kind of currency in order to avoid politics from entering into financial circles too much. Again, very useful if you want to expand on your knowledge on blockchains and decentralized currencies.

Bitcoin and the Future of Money

This is a relatively new publication that takes a thorough look at how our society manages money and capital. The author tries to predict the future of BTC by showing some good examples on how it could function in different societies around the world. It also provides several additional ideas regarding how this type of currency will influence the evolution of capitalism itself.

This is indeed one of those books where you can learn more about what money represents to society, not only financial aspects but also social ones too. It makes us think about the concept of value that we always try to find in gold, silver or fiat currencies.

Michael J Casey & Paul Vigna – The Age of Cryptocurrency This book was published upon bitcoin’s seven years of existence. In this work, the authors try to map the development of cryptocurrency as a phenomenon that is fundamentally changing our economy and society as a whole.

As you will discover from reading the book, BTC has been able to challenge traditional banking institutions after being created on a decentralized blockchain. It also makes us think about fiat currencies and what they represent since cryptocurrencies are completely undermining them by removing the need for third parties in financial transactions.

Travis Wright – The Age of Cryptocurrency

This book is part of a series covering different technological changes that will absolutely define life in the future. This particular one tries to dissect all aspects related to bitcoin mining and cryptocurrencies in general.

It looks at how both companies and individuals can benefit from the use of these currencies. Furthermore, it also covers how blockchain technology is making its way into mainstream applications and why BTC mining will become a very profitable business for those who invest now in this sector.

The Bitcoin Big Bang

This book looks at cryptocurrencies as more than just digital tokens with monetary value. Instead, it tells an interesting story about how BTC can be used to establish new social structures outside the traditional boundaries of both politics and finance. It goes on to explain that BTC has endless possibilities which makes it possible for people to create software that uses this token as its base currency.

A good read if you want to discover different ways in which BTC itself can affect our daily lives by becoming a decentralized method of exchange between individuals without even touching fiat currencies.