10 Most Anticipated Werewolf Romance Novels 2022 You Can’t Wait to Read

Before The Twilight Series was introduced, the world was enamored with werewolf romance novels. The allure of being in a highly mysterious and passionate relationship with a magical being, such as an emotional werewolf, attracts people of different ages. That is why so many people choose werewolves and vampire fiction to satisfy their curiosities because of the romantic undertones.

Therefore, this article has put together the top werewolf romance novels that you can’t wait to read right now. These are fantastic stories of intrigue, relationships, and the power between a werewolf and a human being. So, are you ready to get lost in one of these incredible books?

The Top 10 Werewolf Romance Novels

Whether you are a fan of the werewolf romance novels or new to one of the most exciting styles of writing currently on the market, these books offer plenty to get lost inside. Take a seat in your comfortable chair, pour yourself a relaxing drink, and enjoy one of the following captivating stories.


  1.  Fated to the Wrong Alpha 

When an Omega female rejects an Alpha werewolf, the world’s most dangerous alpha decides to punish the female leader. However, the alpha finds that he falls in love with Omega. Will they solve all problems and find their love? It is an incredible werewolf romance novel’s journey through romance and mystery in a perilous game of lovers pit against one another.


  1. Her Unwanted Mate on the Throne by Caroline 

It is one of the most captivating werewolf romance novels of royal intrigue and the relationship between a rich werewolf and a poor woman. This wonderful book tells the love between these two directly, which will attract you to fall into it. And you will not be able to put down this book!


  1. Werewolf King, Please Don’t Marry Me!

A genius young medical student is taken on a family trip to the woods only to be attacked by a gorgeous wolf injured during a fight with her extended family. When the heroine decides to stay behind and heal the wolf, she suddenly finds the wolf turns out to be a man! Thus, a new relationship is born, and the two main characters feel both frightens and thrills.

  1. My Brother is My Mate

Is there anything more powerful than the pull of sexual taboos? It is one of the werewolf romance novels that tells the love story between a brother and sister. When the brother and sister decide to cross the line, a new fantasy world opens to them. But how do they deal with their werewolf relationships? Please take some time to read this wonderful novel to find more.


  1. My Three Darlings

After being scorned by her best friend and boyfriend, Eliza turns to the affections of a billionaire. In the past, Eliza she was a surrogate for the billionaire. Now, the man she loves has given her twin babies and a new life full of mystery and confusing mythical creatures. So what will Eliza do to protect her babies? How will she solve the mystery? Read this fiction novel to find more.


  1. Moonlight Kiss

A sweet and innocent girl named Adriana enters the world of vampire lust and begins her revenge plans. However, she falls in love with the leader of the vampires, who has an attractive look. And several puzzles come into her mind, including what she should do if he takes a sudden interest in her and whether a human can fight with a vampire?


  1. The Rejected Hybrid

After being born under the worse circumstances, Elena Wovle had two different colors of eyeballs, and the birth caused her mother’s death. Being left in a world of pain and rejection, she must find a way to navigate the complicated world of werewolves with her half-siblings. However, everyone forces roadblocks into her path to survival.


  1. No Longer Your Luna

Amethyst is a girl who has always been rejected and attacked by others. No one wants to feel rejected, but when Amethyst cannot handle the ridicule of being an orphan werewolf, she turns rogue against her pack. The story leads to a journey of mystery, fear, and passion never seen before.


  1. Her Forbidden Alpha

Scarlett Malone is a feisty, headstrong young werewolf, blessed as the first Alpha Female by the moon goddess. She begins to feel attracted by the future Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack, who is a handsome, smart, alluring cocky stepbrother. Will she be able to overcome the illicit thoughts that she fears the boy won’t love her?


  1. Vampire Mate

Clara, a daughter of an Alpha, turns out to love a hot vampire who is the greatest enemy of her father. She has to give up a lot to be with her lover vampire, including against her father. It is a worth reading fiction novel, as our heroine must decide what she should do to protect her new home.

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