10 of the Best Mobile Simulation Games


Let loose and have fun with these 10 best mobile simulation games! 


Why Mobile Games?

With the recent game releases in 2022, it is hard to weed out the good from the bad. In terms of simulation games, The Sims series has dominated PC and Mac for a long time, but thankfully things have progressed over the last few years.  

Read on to find out the 10 best mobile simulation games for both iOS and Android devices – we’ve picked the good ones so you don’t need to waste any more time and can get to playing! 


The Top 10


1. Home Street

If you are familiar with games such as YoVille or The Ville that can be found on Facebook, Home Street follows a similar pattern. It can also be compared to The Sims in the sense that you get to create your own avatar, customize its life, build a home, and decorate/furnish it. It also offers a feature where you can interact with neighbors, tune into weekly events and explore other special tasks that can help your character level up while offering you the chance to get more clothes and new furniture! Unlike The Sims, you can’t do things like having children or getting married. Still, there are many creative and fun possibilities to explore. 


2. Stardew Valley

Similar to the Facebook sensation ‘Farmville,’ Stardew Valley has the player looking after a farm. Your character has just moved to town and can spend the day doing farming tasks, doing repairs, interacting in the town, fishing, and more! This game offers a lot to discover. 

3. Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch

In Rollercoaster Tycoon, you have the chance to create and manage your own roller coaster park. Customize the rides, add restaurants, gift shops, and more to make it a place of success! 

4. The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile game is very similar to the online Sims 4 game. Just like the original game, you can create your own character, design how they look, build them a home, choose their job and socialize with your neighboring Sims. You have the chance to be creative in their relationships, hobbies, and more. The perfect game to build the life of your Sim dreams! 

5. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Slightly different from the original game but still just as fun. This game allows you to create a character, decorate the setup of their campsite, interact with familiar animal characters from the OG Animal Crossing, and befriend your neighbors on the site. Design your RV, cabin, and more! There are mini-games and other activities that will be sure to keep you busy.

6. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Whether you are a Kardashian fan or not, you will enjoy this game. Your character is an aspiring celebrity. You get to design their look, own your apartment, travel the world for different assignments, and work your way up to become an A-list celebrity by interacting with others, including Kim Kardashian herself, to become BFFs. It is the chance to get a glimpse of the ‘good life’ through your phone screen. 

7. Pocket City

Like the other games listed, Pocket City allows you to be creative and get your own city in the works. You are in charge of everything – from planning permission to building a town that satisfies its people. Learn and unlock new lands and help your city grow! 

8. Virtual Families 2

As with The Sims, Virtual Families 2 has a little bit of a twist. You can control the whole family’s life, and you’ll find yourself playing with them for hours. It also continues in real-time, so when you come back to your game, different events will have unfolded in your virtual family – keeping things fun and interesting. 


9. Cooking Simulator Mobile

Join this realistic cooking game where you will be guided by a chef on how to cook meals for this restaurant. The more you learn and hone in on your skills, the more food you will unlock and the better a chef you will become. There are many tools, techniques, and ingredients to learn about, and when customers come through the doors – don’t let them wait too long! 

10. RFS – Real Flight Simulator

Live like a pilot for a day.  Fly your plane in many different weather conditions and deal with the day and night cycle. Flight plans need to be booked and controlled, so use your skills to think ahead! 

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