10 Principles of Psychology You Can Use to Enhance The Relationship Between Couples

One of the most powerful feelings known to human beings is love. There are many kinds of love, however many people in a romantic relationship with a committed partner seek its manifestation. For these people, romantic relationships contain one of the most valuable components of life, and are a feeling of considerable fulfilment. 

Although there seems to be an innate need for human interaction, the capacity to establish safe , caring relationships is mastered. For our happiness and well-being, romantic relationships are vital but may also take effort to sustain. To keep your relationship safe and in good working order, here are steps you should take.

What makes a relationship healthy?

Every relationship is special, and for many different reasons , people come together. Having a common vision about exactly what you want the relationship to be and where you want this to go is part of what determines a healthy relationship and that is what you can only discover by speaking to your partner sincerely and directly. 

There are also some aspects that so many stable couples have in common, though. Knowing these universal values will help to keep your relationship healthy, satisfying and enjoyable, regardless of the objectives you are working towards or the difficulties you face together. Here are 10 Principles of Psychology You Can Use to Enhance The Relationship Between Couples

Enhance The Relationship Between Couples
Enhance The Relationship Between Couples


In the mornings, inquire about their intentions for the day forward when you and your partner are about to go your separate ways for the day. Figure out one thing they have scheduled that is important to remember. (This can also be done via social media if you don’t live with your partner). 

Then, at the end of the day, as you catch up, remember to ask questions about how it worked out. Show yourself that you remembered. Show that you’re more involved than anyone in keeping up with the events in their lives. And you make sure you listen when they respond, like nothing else counts.

Keep things interesting 

It can be hard to remain linked to your partner or be intimate between children, jobs and outside commitments. 

Some couples schedule daily date nights to keep things fun. However, even dates will get boring if you still rent a film or go to the same restaurant. Whether it’s dancing, taking a class together or packing an afternoon picnic, experts suggest getting out of the routine and trying new stuff.

Don’t Question without Confirmation

Give time to each other instead of spending time on different social media apps. Some people might doubt their partners for cheating with some social media friends (bfs or gfs). 

For people in relationships, it is very painful. Facebook is the one of the most widely used social apps blamed for these kinds of affairs. So if you doubt your partner, use a spy app like Spyier. To keep a healthy relationship between couples, it is better if you choose facebook messenger hack instead of questioning directly to your partner.

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Keep interests alive 

No one person can satisfy all of your needs, despite the claims of romantic fiction or movies. Actually, asking too much from your partner can put a partnership under unhealthy strain. It is necessary to retain your own identity outside of the relationship, preserve relationships with family and friends, and retain your hobbies and interests in order to stimulate and enrich your romantic relationship.

Communicate Honestly 

A vital aspect of every partnership is effective communication. It will increase trust and reinforce the bond between you if both parties know what they want from the relationship and feel comfortable sharing their needs , concerns, and desires.

Don’t be afraid of healthy disagreements

Some couples calmly talk it out, while others can raise their voices and disagree passionately. In a good relationship, the secret, however, is not to be afraid of confrontation. 

Without fear of retribution, you need to feel safe to say things that concern you, and be able to settle disputes without embarrassment, degradation, or insisting on being right.


An occasional hug, an incidental hand on one’s shoulder, a hand squeeze. Only touch your partner’s shoulder as you walk by.

Such movements can be so accidental that they appear to go unnoticed. But, either consciously or unconsciously, they are registered. Touch records that stress hormones such as cortisol and oxytocin are reduced in the brain. The incidental contact generates trust, bonding, and intimacy.

Mix The Kindness Up 

Traditional guidance on relationships has always advised individuals to conduct more kind acts. Sometimes this works. There is an increase in affection and relationship satisfaction often. The enhancement, however, is typically short-lived. 

The new kindness soon becomes the new normal and there is a return to staleness. But we have to mix kindness up a little bit.

Balance Your Budget for Love 

Although generosity is generally considered a positive trait, with lavish expenditure on dinners and presents, you could be sending the wrong message to a current or potential friend. 

In reality, by showing more of an ability to save money, you will make a stronger impression because it shows you are able to exercise self-control and are likely to acquire greater financial capital over time.

Turn Up Stuff 

While relationship desire and sexual satisfaction will begin to diminish over time , research shows that couples who continue to enjoy passionate, fulfilling sex not only express their sexual desires and have sex more frequently, but also integrate a wider range of sexual acts into their routines of lovemaking.

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