10 Tips for a Successful Dhow Cruise Company in Dubai

A dhow cruise is an iconic symbol of the culture and history of Dubai. It’s a pleasure to experience, but it can also be a challenging business to manage. To ensure your dhow cruise company succeeds in the highly competitive market of Dubai, there are certain measures you need to take. Here are 10 tips on success with your dhow cruise business in Dubai. 

  • Know Your Market: 

New Year Dhow Cruise Dubai needs to start by understanding its target market and what they need from your services. Take the time to understand who your customers are, what they want from their experience, and how you can provide that for them. 

  • Have Quality Services: 

You should always strive for quality services when running any business, especially in a competitive city like Dubai. Make sure that all aspects of your service, from the food menu to the customer service, are top-notch, so customers have an experience worth talking about.  

  • Engage With Customers: 

Customer engagement is key for any successful business, and you should ensure you’re engaging with customers before and after their trip on your dhow cruise. Reach out through social media or email campaigns to ensure that customer’s feel appreciated and valued throughout their entire journey with your company. 

  • Establish a Good Relationship With Suppliers:

Having reliable suppliers is essential for any successful dhow to cruise Dubai Company since they provide the materials and services needed to run tours smoothly and efficiently, such as food catering or entertainment options like music or magic shows. 

When selecting suppliers, opt for those who prioritize quality over cost; this will ensure that your customers have an enjoyable experience every time they go on a tour with you. Additionally, developing good relationships with them will ensure that they continue providing excellent service in the future. 

  • Advertise Effectively: 

Advertising is an important part of growing any business; yours is no exception. Invest time researching different advertising options available and finding ways to optimize those ads for maximum success (for example, use retargeting campaigns). You should also consider creating partnerships with other companies to promote yourself within the industry better. 

  • Utilize Technology: 

Take advantage of the technology available today, such as GPS tracking systems or online booking systems, so customers can easily book a trip with your company without worrying about technical difficulties or delays related to these processes. This will help build trust between you and potential customers, which could lead to more people choosing your company over others available in the area.  

  • Offer Unique Experiences: 

To stand out from other dhow cruise companies in Dubai, offer unique experiences that no competitors have thought up yet. For example, organizing special events on board, such as sunset dinner cruises or lunchtime cruises with live music playing. This will surely give potential customers something different than what they would expect from a normal dhow cruise experience.

  • Market Yourself Online: 

Use digital marketing techniques such as SEO optimization or email campaigns to get your name out there and attract more attention from potential customers looking for dhow cruises around Dubai. 

Investing time into optimizing these techniques could mean more exposure for you and higher profits overall. You can create an attractive website about your business and rank it on Google. This is the most effective way to advertise your business and get many customers.

  • Implement Safety Measures: 

Last but not least, safety measures must be implemented when running a dhow cruise business to protect yourself and your customers from preventable accidents or incidents while on board. 

Make sure that professional staff members regularly inspect all boats before each trip so everyone involved feels secure during their journey with you. Remember that this is the most important thing you should implement, and with the help of this, you will get many customers and easily grow your company.

  • Hire Professional Staff: 

Professional staff members are another key component of success for dhow cruise companies in Dubai. If customer service isn’t up to par, then chances are people won’t want to return after their first trip with you. 

Ensure all crew members are properly trained and certified before hiring them onboard. This will ensure that everyone knows exactly what they need to do during every tour, so there won’t be any confusion or delays due to a lack of knowledge on anyone’s part.


Running a successful dhow cruise company requires dedication and hard work, but it can be very rewarding if done correctly. By following these 8 tips outlined above, you can position yourself ahead of the competition in terms of growth & sustainability. 

Don’t forget about incorporating unique experiences onto each trip, investing time into marketing yourself digitally & implementing necessary safety measures before each journey leaves port.