15 Tools to Create Whiteboard Animation Online for Free

Whiteboard Animation

An audio mixer and coloring tools are included in the Whiteboard animation free to aid in creating animated videos. You may enrich video backgrounds with text elements, in-built themes, and pictures. In business, Doratoon helps you for various objectives, including staff training and product promotion.

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1. Doratoon

A great way to attract new customers and convert them into repeat customers is through Doratoon, an online whiteboard animation free software. Motion movies have been in high demand recently. They are hired because they are visually appealing. Using Doratoon, you can quickly and easily create short free whiteboard animation.


  • Produce stunning animated short films.
  • Customizable templates are available in thousands.
  • Media assets, such as music that their respective owners have not licensed.
  • It is possible to make films for a wide range of diverse goals, from business to education/knowledge to marketing, creative endeavors, and personality.
  • Characters who have been digitally animated
  • Dubbing via artificial intelligence
  • Smartly subtitle your videos.
  • PPT-Video Converter and a slew of other options are available.

2. RenderForest

Organizations and corporations use Renderforest whiteboard animation software to create animated promotions, ads, instructional films, and corporate presentations. You’re free to create spectacular animation content using the hundreds of available animated characters, interactive scenes, and music. An animated video template and free tools are also included in RenderForest’s whiteboard animation program.


  • A web-based video editor
  • Visualizations of audio
  • The producer of the outro.
  • A dynamic typeface
  • Web page creator
  • Creator of landing pages
  • Visualizations of music

3. Animaker

Free Whiteboard video makers like Animaker allow users of all skill levels to produce animation movies in minutes. Live action videos may be created using its drag and drop builder. In addition, it offers a library of over a thousand picture and video themes for creating whiteboard animated content in an instant.


  •  Video producer for infographics
  • The voice of the animator
  • A tool for creating thumbnails.
  • Developer of animated gifs
  • Builder of character
  • Instant resizing for social media networks.

4. VideoScribe 

Create, share and publish video content in less time using VideoScribe whiteboard animation software. For a short time, you may also use it as a whiteboard animation free software free download to test the application’s text entry, picture selection, and voiceover/music addition capabilities.


  • Watermark
  • A succession of PNG and JPEG files
  • A recording of a person’s voice.
  • Place items where you want them.

5. Powtoon

The free Powtoon whiteboard animation creator is an invaluable tool for producing aesthetically attractive and professional video material. You may quickly create short films and animations using this whiteboard animation program. 


  • Custom typefaces
  •  Reselling rights for other parties
  •  Exports of the highest quality.
  • All the information you want, whenever you want
  • Downloading of MP4 files
  • High-definition video
  • Representation in the form of GIF and picture files

6. Raw Shorts

An excellent whiteboard animation tool is Raw Shorts, which lets you quickly and easily turn any text into an animated film of your choosing. A whiteboard template that allows you to drag and drop items to prepare for rendering and sharing is provided.


  • Video animations for explanation
  • Backgrounds that move
  • Templates for real estate video production.
  •  Pre-made video.
  • A video producer that creates promotional videos

7. Animiz

Using Animiz whiteboard animation software, you may create and share high-quality animation material. In addition to these features, end users may utilize the platform to edit movies, add animation effects, import PowerPoint, and add subtitles.


  • Temporary ambiance
  • The voice of the narrator
  •  Predetermined roles
  • Axis-based pictures
  • Diagrams in the form of bars
  • Editing of sound and roles
  • Effects panel for animation

8.  Moovly

Moovly is an internet-based tool that allows you to produce creative, commercial, and instructional films. It was launched in 2012.


  • Animated and transitional transitions
  • Controlling the flow of work and collaborating
  •  Has a net worth of over $1 million
  • Group and user administration
  • It’s compatible with both Chrome and Firefox

9. Animatron

Animatron Studio, an online animated film creator, founded in 2011 in the United States, is a versatile and powerful tool that makes it simple to produce stunning animations.


  • Templates that you may personalize for free
  • You don’t need to hire a professional to make stunning explanation films or animations.
  • The design is easier to follow
  •  Automated uploading

10.  Vyond

Goanimate was renamed Vyond in 2018 when it was rebranded from Vyond. In addition to modern and commercial movies, this whiteboard animation software system provides various options. Commercial, instructional, and educational videos may all be produced using the program.


  • There will be many possibilities available to the designer to build characters that you may completely customize
  • Anyone can use the interface since it’s basic and straightforward.
  • Numerous options for design
  • Audio files that aren’t subject to copyright

11. My Simple Show

Creating innovative business films has never been more accessible with My Simple Show software. The Simple Show Company, established in 2008, is most likely the first to come up with the idea of an explainer video.


  • Multiple stages are available to the user in the software system
  • If the designer prefers, they may submit a pre-designed PowerPoint file as a starting point
  • Engine for intelligent explanations
  • Improved narrative templates for a variety of storylines
  • Auto-sync is enabled for voice recording

12. Explaindio

Doodle doodles, motion films, and 3D/2D animations may all be created with Explaindio’s whiteboard animation program. This whiteboard animation maker’s drag and drop feature is essential for creating high-quality video footage and customizing it with messages. Using Explaindio’s whiteboard video generator, you can effortlessly export and share your footage.


  • Animations of pre-made text
  • Editing several timelines at the same time
  • Upload photos and videos
  • There are hundreds of typefaces to choose from
  • Audio cues in the background

13. Camtasia

Camtasia is a video editor that you may use to create tutorials and presentations. The program leverages screen records to apply effects and templates to create high-quality video material. Utilize the user-friendly, versatile features of this whiteboard animation film generator to produce some relevant, high-quality videos. In addition, it offers a free trial version of an open-source whiteboard animation program without watermarks.


  • Screen to slide transitions.
  • Zoom in/out and pan around
  • Annotations and shout-outs are included in the text.
  • Screen recording with a webcam

14. EasySketchPro

Using the EasySketchPro program, you can create high-quality sketch films in just a few simple steps. Drag and drop, import, and upload are all features of the whiteboard animation program that are used to create animated video footage. The program is used by online marketers, companies, and organizations to advertise their goods.


  • Time settings can be sketched out.
  • Images that are free of copyright restrictions
  • Backgrounds with a high level of polish
  • Upload of background music

15. Opentoonz

In addition to traditional sketching and 2D animation, Opentoonz offers a wide range of options. Scanning a painting into an animated GIF is all it takes. With the help of artificial intelligence, adding effects and modifying the style of a photograph is very simple. This program is best for you if you have an excellent sense of color and art.


  • In both business and non-commercial contexts, it is entirely free to use
  • Vector and raster graphics may both be used
  • Allow for four different scanning methods


We’ve looked at the fifteen best whiteboard animation software that suits your needs. Finally, we’d like to stress that investing in quality whiteboard animation software is a great first step for your business’s video marketing efforts. Using these animations ensures that its users have the chance to present their unique ideas more efficiently. 

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