2021 Best Kodi Boxes and Hardware

Kodi is an open-source media player that has broad features, modifications, and functions. The media contain addons, builds/skins, and Kodi boxes.  It is a great combination to help users stream live TV shows, movies, sports, videos, and more on TV.  Each application has an impact on Kodi functionality. Builds are pre-packaged apps installed with the best add-ons and interfaces. They change the face or skin of Kodi providing different addons in one build. The user can get the best Kodi build from the internet for their Kodi media player. If you want to learn more check out and their guide

Addons also provide users free internet content. The addons only contain specific content making each addon unique. There are addons for sports, TV shows, kids’ channels, and the best Kodi movies addons.  However, the user should invest in official Kodi addons from the Kodi repository. To avoid tampering with copyrighted content. There are unofficial (third-party addons) Kodi addons that provided premium content for free.  To utilize the third-party add-ons, the users should use an excellent VPN to cover their tracks.  However, the majority of the third-party addons don’t last since the Kodi foundation blocks these addons.  The users should avoid watching unlicensed content, which might lead to legal problems.

Kodi Boxes are streaming devices which is connected to the TV and can run Kodi. Kodi boxes are compatible with PC, Android devices, IOS, Linux, and more.  The Kodi boxes’ purpose is to help users watch TV shows, movies, listen to music, and other content on the Television.  The tech market provides legitimate and fake Kodi boxes. Many dealers are offering “fully loaded Kodi boxes.”Users should not purchase or use this kind of Kodi boxes The preloaded Kodi boxes contain malicious Kodi addons which tamper with piracy issues. They can get you in trouble exposing your data to the government and ISP.

Best Kodi boxes 2021

1. Amazon Fire TV with 4K UHD

The Amazon Fire TV is among the top best Kodi boxes in the tech industry.


  • It has a 4K capability.
  • A fast processor
  • Storage of 8GN and 2GB RAM
  • Easily connects to the internet using WIFI.
  • The Amazon Fire TV box comes with its app store (TV and movie apps).

The app store only has a few apps, and users can install new apps for a better watching experience.  However, the Kodi box doesn’t provide Kodi on the Amazon app store. One needs to side-load the Kodi app through a downloader or file manager app. Since the Amazon Fire TV box is a top Kodi box, its prices are quite high.  However, the box provides quality service.

2. Amazon Firestick (Fire TV stick)

The Amazon Firestick is a popular device for many users globally. The devices provide a variety of online content at a price. There are thousands of channels that offer quality services at the best prices.  Low prices provide low-quality services such as slow processors, less RAM, and no 4K capability—however, it the best gadget for movies, TV shows, sports, music, and more.  The device is portable and easy to handle.

3. Nvidia shield

The Nvidia shield is the top best Kodi box for many users and comes with 4K capability.  The box supports and runs on Android devices. It’s available on Google play store users can easily install Kodi on Nvidia shield.  The Kodi box ranks as the best and powerful box in the industry.


  • 9 GHz quad-core Tegra X1 processor.
  • Best user interface/ good menu factions.
  • Has HD and 4K video player and no interruptions.

The Nvidia shield also streams PC games through an Nvidia graphics card on a nearby PC or stream platform.  The Kodi box provides the privilege of streaming videos and playing 3D games simultaneously.  However, the box is costly, and the user needs to pay more to receive the best.

4. Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 is popular among many Kodi users. The Raspberry Pi Foundation developed the Kodi box. Initially, the box was established to help students learn how computers function.  The small single-board devices have gained popularity and are among the best streaming devices. The Raspberry Pi 3 is the latest version of Raspberry Pi. It’s used to stream high-quality video content on Linux and Kodi.

There are two popular boxes OSMC and LibreELEC. Raspberry Pi 3 provides 108p video with an 802.11n WIFI antenna. However, it doesn’t play 4K, but it powerful compared to Amazon Firestick or Nvidia shield. The box also has an Ethernet port which you can plug in your router.  The prices are fair, and it doesn’t provide a remote or case which you purchase separately.

5. Seguru Trongle X4

This an Android-based streaming device. It’s easy to connect to the google play store and download Kodi and movie apps.  The Seguru Trongle X4 has the capability of 4K video and has a GHz WIFI adapter. Suppose there is a poor connection; the user can use the Ethernet port to connect to the router.  However, the Seguru Trongle box isn’t modified to use a remote. This makes it difficult to maneuver through apps.  The box is affordable to any user and has excellent services.

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