20k for a Business? It’s Doable!

Forming your own business is the best decision you have ever made, because it will automatically become something you started from scratch, and will continue to nourish and invest in. It’s a good idea to become a businessperson; and soon, after finally materializing your own idea, you’ll understand why!

Even though many people go for creating a business without even thinking, most of them are usually frustrated over the price they have to pay, and now, we’ll help you with that! Your business will bring you tons of money and great profit, so you have to invest in it from the very beginning to guarantee a flying start. What we’re saying is, don’t ever skimp on business formation; it plays a substantial role in your business! However, the fact of the matter is that some businesses are more affordable to form if you have lower capital to invest.


The Best Business Under 20k In Our Opinion

Even though you won’t find an exact answer to this, we can surely say that among existing business entities, Sole Proprietorship is winning the race by being the most affordable one! To better understand its concept, let’s dive deeper and look at its advantages, and how they affect the costs you make when setting up your business under a sole proprietorship.


Less Paperwork, Less Headache!

First of all, the Sole Proprietorship is easy to form. You won’t spend large amounts of money on filing different documents, tax forms, and so forth. For example, unlike Limited Liability Companies and Corporations, people who choose Sole Proprietorship don’t have to file annual reports with the state they’re operating in, or with federal governments. This is a huge advantage of forming a sole proprietorship because you just go and create a business; no complicated formalities, and no problematic paperwork! But still, you have to sign some documents to become a business entity, after all. Normally, future Sole Proprietors file forms with the Internal Revenue Service, and even that is much cheaper than documents of other business entities.

Your Are Your Sole Creator

As you can already presume, Sole Proprietorship is called “sole” because you are the same as your business. Here, both the business and the owner are legally the same, which is a huge advantage in terms of taxes! You won’t have to pay separate taxes for a business, because the business itself won’t be taxed separately. In this case, your personal assets, income, and liabilities are considered yours, and not your business’.

Your business operations also become stress-free, because you automatically turn into a person who makes all the decisions, manages finances, and is in charge of everything that happens! You won’t have to hire and sustain employees (if you don’t want to), you won’t have to hire a registered agent, and so forth.

As you can see, there are numerous advantages that make Sole Proprietorships easier and cheaper to form. But before creating a business, have a look at all the characteristics of the business entity you choose, because sometimes you can fail because of wrong decisions. Contact us at Prestige Auditors and we will help you choose a business entity and form one, with a complete understanding of business entity formation structure. We will also teach you what is a sales tax exemption. You can find everything about our pricing on our website, and trust us, a successful start is guaranteed with Prestige Auditors!


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