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Fitness technologies that are truly revolutionary and cutting edge and oh so 21st century.

Making sure that proper care is taken of our health is a priority for most of us and if it isn’t, it definitely should be. It can, however, be increasingly difficult to make time for our health. With so many responsibilities from work, family and friends, it can be a tough job to make time for our health. We are fortunate to be living in the time period that we are living in. A lot of technology is out there and within our reach to help better maintain our fitness goals and objectives. Many of these technologies come in the form of apps for our phones. There is also a lot of hardware available that will make us want to get up off of our couches and into exercising mode. These apps and hardware can both help us make healthier lifestyle choices. We have compiled a list of some of the best technologies that are available in the market that will help you realize your fitness goals. An important thing to remember here is that there are not any shortcuts to realizing these goals. It is our luck that the technologies mentioned here are very fun and easy.


Apps that count calories

What we call calories is actually a unit of energy. Scientists have historically defined calorie as being a unit of energy or heat that can be produced from a variety of sources including coal or gas.

Coming to nutrition, when we talk about calories in this realm, all food, no matter what type of food it is, has calories in it. We do need a certain blend of the calories from different sources in order to perform optimally and at our best.

When a person embarks upon a training method, whether to gain mass or to lose mass, it is vitally important to know that how you are fueling your body is a key factor that will determine your success. An app that counts calories can really help with this regard. It can monitor a person’s daily calorie intake and more specifically, daily food intake and make sure that the food is selected with health in mind. Not like the calorie counting methods of the past, these apps can not only count the calories you are taking in but also the amount of nutrition that is present in them.


Heart Rate Monitors

Whatever may be your fitness goals, it is important to understand and know how exactly your body responds to physical activity. In fact, the best metric to understand the efficacy of a workout is to monitor your heart rate when you are exercising.


The heart rate is the number of times your heart beats in a minute. A low heart rate when resting usually means that you have a healthy heart that can properly pump the necessary amount of blood you will need during a workout or when the body is particularly exerted. A healthy resting heart rate also means that the heart is able to do so without exerting too much effort.


The maximum heart rate is basically the fastest that your heart can beat is a safe manner. Knowing an accurate number usually involves a lot of testing and other works but you can get a rough idea of this by simply subtracting your age from the number 220.


A heart rate monitor is very effective in providing you information around which you can design your exercise routines. Knowing how the heart is responding to the stress exercise puts it in is vital to succeeding in your fitness goals. A simple and basic monitor for heart rate will tell your heart beats per minute. The more comprehensive models can provide some additional data that may be useful to you.

Sleep Monitoring Apps

This is an often overlooked part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Paying attention to sleep is important if you want to really get into your peak fitness levels. Let’s face it, this is an issue that we often overlook when it comes to our health but getting a good night’s sleep is absolutely vital in achieving our fitness goals.


Disrupted sleep can lead to a number of issues including very poor posture when sleeping, snoring and other issues. A sleep tracking app can really help you gather vital information about your sleeping habits and make it that much easier to improve on.

Light therapy


This type of therapy is very much a 21st century thing. The way light therapy works makes it a very safe and ideal way to treat conditions such as seasonal affective disorder and a variety of other conditions.


When a person undergoes light therapy, they usually sit or work very close to a device that is called a light therapy box. The purpose of this box is to give off bright light that can have the same effects of natural light.


It is very often thought that light therapy has the potential to affect particular brain chemicals that are linked to mood and sleep. Light therapy boxes also have the potential to help with other forms of depression and other mental health conditions. This therapy model is also known by a few other names such as phototherapy or bright light therapy.


We are indeed lucky to have the options listed above to help manage our health better. There has never been such a period in human history where there were so many free technologies available to take care of our health. The advent of these technologies make it easier for us to maintain our health, not just our physical health but mental health as well. From heart rate monitors to light therapy, these are technologies that can provide us with vital information and therapy models that we were never able to get before.

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