3 benefits of using file sharing with your client portal!

3 benefits of using file sharing with your client portal!

If you are looking for a secure and fast way to share important documents, data, and conversations with customers or other employees who you need to help with a specific case, forget using emails or other unsecure methods. IInstead of sending critical data via methods that are possibly prone to security breaches or hackers, you need to find a seamless, easy to use, secure, and customer-focused method that allows customers to state their complaints, get their questions answered, and figure out what to do next. You need a reliable business solutions provider like PacGenesis for high-speed large file transfer and to move data securely.

Fortunately for you, we have just the technology for you! Many businesses around the world and online are using this type of communication platform to enhance customer satisfaction levels and boost customer retention rates. By making it easier and simpler for customers to get in touch with customer service representative agents at a business, there is a higher likelihood these clients will continue coming back for more at the specific shop.

Let’s see the main benefits of using file sharing with your secure communication method for your clients!

3 benefits of using file sharing with this foolproof and secure communication platform!

Now that you know you need a secure and intuitive security platform to boost your customer satisfaction levels, you must be wondering – what is it?

Well, it is a client portal! This online communication platform makes it simple and fast for clients to log into their account, ask questions directly cto live customer service agents, get questions and concerns answered in real-time, and post data and other important documents that can help prove their case, back their information, or show the customer service agent exactly what’s going on with their account.

File sharing is one of the main benefits of a client portal – without this secure transfer method, customers would have no way of sharing screenshots of important information, past conversations, account information, and other data that can help the representative figure out the solution to the problem.

File locking

One of the main benefits of file sharing on the client portal is stability of file locking. File locking is a mechanism that prevents the public, and any unauthorized user, from accessing a computer file. This data feature helps protect information and restricts other users from changing a specific file. Customers can share files without worrying the customer service agent could change the information stored in the data!

Version control

The second feature of file sharing within a client portal is the version control. This means that the user who has unauthorized access to edit the document, and can just view the information, does not have the technology to change the version of the file and change the information.

Instant file viewing

The third benefit of using file sharking on a client portal for your business is to help with instant file viewing. Instead of taking minutes, or hours, for information to download onto your device, the file can be instantly viewed so you can quickly help the customer’s problem.


Using a client portal with the file sharing technology makes it easy for businesses to protect the user’s files from any security breaches. Furthermore, the client can feel confident the file will be locked, the version will be controlled, and the customer service agent can instantly view the file for immediate customer service help.