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3 Best Parental Control Software 2020: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Gone are the days when parents could use their iPhone and Android devices’ primary parental control feature. Today, no one wants to give their phone permissions to their parents. Hence, it makes it challenging for parents to monitor their children’s activities. Therefore, you need a reliable solution that can help you track your kid’s activities.

This article covers the three best parental control software that allows you to monitor any device remotely. This software does not require you to root or jailbreak your children’s device to get its access. You can also check things like their location, call logs, messages, and browser history without letting them know.

We won’t make you wait any longer, so let’s discuss these three platforms and their features for parental control access. Click here to get the right ideas of the best spy app.


Minspy is an online platform that provides phone monitoring services for its users. With this platform, you can monitor all the activities of your children without being caught. Additionally, multiple features allow you to check their location, call logs, conversations, and other social media applications. The best thing is that you can completely trust this platform with your children’s data.

They ensure the security of the data by using private keys. That is why most phone-monitoring experts use this Application. If you have ever heard about these services, possibly they are using the same software.

You do not need to root or jailbreak your kid’s device to use this Application. Additionally, it is easy to use that even a non-technical person can complete its set up within a few minutes.

The Application uses stealth mode to make sure no one else can find out about you or your identity. Visit Minspy page to register your account today.


Spyier is another excellent platform that provides similar technology to its users. The visible change here is that you can use some additional features like Keylogger with this platform. Like Minspy, Spyier is an established phone monitoring platform with more than 1 million active users.

It was featured on Forbes and CNET for its excellent services. Hence, if you want to try out a different platform, then you can trust Spyier with the task.

It is popular among the parents as there is a dedicated parental control feature with the previously discussed elements.


Everyone loves Spyine because it gives you an easy way to access your children’s smartphone remotely. The best thing- You do not need to ask them to grant parental control permissions from their device. You can do all of that through their online platform. Visit their website, register for an account, verify the device, and you are ready.

There is a demo version that shows you the benefits of different features on a sample phone. Hence, you can use that to make sure you got the hang of the services and features.

Let’s go ahead and discuss how you can use this Application to monitor any device you want.

How to Setup Parental Control On Minspy

Follow these easy steps to set up parental control on Minspy.

Create an Account

To use any of the above platforms, you need to create a free account on their website. Visit their homepage and click on the Sign up free button on the screen. It will open a new page that will ask you to create your password with your email address.

Enter the details and click on the register. It will send an email to your email address to verify the account that you just entered.

Note: Please create a strong password to ensure no one other than you can access that account.

Subscribe to their membership

The next step will ask you to subscribe to their membership by choosing their paid plans. You can find multiple plans that offer useful tools and resources to monitor any device with their parental control feature.

You can monitor a single device with its primary membership. However, you will need to upgrade it if you want to access that feature on multiple devices. Visit their website to know more about their packages and features.

Verify Your Kid’s Device

To set up the parental control feature, you need to verify the device physically or remotely. If the targeted device works on an android operating system, you need to install the setup on that device you will get from your minspy account. After installing it, follow the app instructions and hide it from their app menu. This way, they cannot find that you are monitoring their activities remotely.

However, if it is an iPhone, then all you need to do is enter their iCloud credentials on your online account. You can refer to the above picture to understand how to enter their details and connect it to your account.

In both cases, the system may take a few minutes to sync the device with your account.

Monitor Them

You are all set to start monitoring your kid’s activities with this online parental control software. Login to your account and find the multiple tools on the dashboard. These tools include social apps, location, SIM tracker, Gallery, etc.

Click on any of them, and it will show you all the data and information stored on their device. You can use the demo version to understand how to utilize these features for the maximum output.

Final Words

No one wants their children to go through any problem in their life. That is why they ensure their security by setting up parental control software on their device. However, most of the device parental control features do not provide enough options or securities from online threats. Hence, we have found and discussed the best three software that can help you with the task.

You can use any of these three applications and monitor your kid’s activities without letting them know. Additionally, some features will help you check their location and conversations instantly. It means that there is no need to use those useful parental control features that do not deliver the expected results.