3 Essential and Key Benefits of Unified Communications for Your New Business!

UC involves the integration of real-time communications around several mediums like PCs, mobiles, and fixed-line phones. Put plainly, this means that it’s currently possible to get all of your business communications from a single provider and set them up for them to seamlessly work together.

So, what are the advantages of UC? Let us cut through the technical jargon and assess how UC may impact your daily business activities:

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Improved productivity and efficiency

Unifying communications will make it more convenient for individuals to perform their job by saving time on simplistic tasks at work. The capability of having incoming calls route to your location: a phone app on your PC, mobile, or your office phone.

This decreases the probability of missing a critical phone call.

Two technologies currently outdated are voicemail and fax. Instead of manually retrieving paper from the fax machine or listening to a voicemail by dialing a number, UC platforms deliver both those kinds of messages right to your email in the form of an audio file and PDF.

Not just will unified communications enable staff members to more efficiently work yet additionally wherever they need to. People now can easily work remotely without needing any specialized setup from the Information Technology department. A phone just connects back within the central cloud PBX system.

Unified communications offer decreased expenses

Unified communications use VoIP technology to integrate numerous communications platforms. It is different from telephony used in the past which relied on renting analogue lines from service providers.

Those line rental expenses no longer have to appear on the bill, significantly decreasing the recurring operating expenses of your phone system. Usually, a move to UC will accomplish 40 percent in real cost savings for a small and medium-sized enterprise.

Improved service for customers

If the customer contacts your company, they typically want to talk with a certain department or person and they need it done as fast as possible.

With unified communications, if you are out of the office or away from the desk you still can be obtainable to customers by redirecting the number to a mobile device.

If you cannot answer the phone call, ring groups may be established to send the phone call to the next appropriate recipient. A ring group sets conditions for an incoming call. For instance – it’s possible to set up the phone system so that if the main sales line isn’t answered, the phone call is automatically forwarded to the sales manager.

In addition to those benefits, here’s one more for you:

UC offers less administration

With unified communications, some companies can have a single communications agency for all your business needs. That means fewer technical support numbers, account managers, bills and contracts to be concerned with. All administration gets streamlined, in addition to a common contact point for all your communications.

The benefits of UC for businesses are endless. From the cost, to customer service to productivity – the system you pick will give you an advantage and your customers a better experience with your company.


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