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AI help desk software

AI help desk software

Do you ever have small doubts which you think are so silly that they won’t exist on the web? Like how to turnoff convert a JPG file to PDF? Or what is the status of my laptop order? Or how can I make my resume funny?

These are just few of the plenty many questions that arise in the millions of Gen Z heads today. Moreover, these are the kind of questions that we find silly to ask or search the web for. We presume that they make no sense at all. However, they do!

Imagine asking the same questions to a techie or a person well aware of the topic, you can definitely find an answer or at least a hint to find an answer. That is because this information is not programmed in our brain, it is human intelligence. The same intelligence in incorporated in a computer and that’s what Artificial Intelligence is.

Why should you get AI help desk software?

  • Liberating your service desk team in other jobs which require more manpower.
  • Repetitive questions sure do bug you, so let the software do this monotonous job.
  • Huge capacity of work can be handled efficiently in peak hours.
  • Your team can focus on a more complex job.
  • Employee experience and satisfaction improvement.
  • User friendly and fast.
  • No abusive language or taunting.
  • 100% support available through IT teams.
  • In built feed backs gathering technology to get a complete experience.
  • No waiting or technical hassle.
  • Available with a full stack of the required services.
  • Live chat
  • IT assistance
  • AI driven knowledge management
  • Sophisticated process engine
  • Micro learning
  • Advanced analytics
  • Ticket analyzer and
  • Virtual assistant.

How AI help desk software is better than service desk team?

Service desk chatbots and automated request routing are just the start of it. AI- driven tools will soon tap predictive analytics for better decision making in incident management, demand planning and performance.

“Artificial cognition will, over the next three to five years, become absolutely indispensable for any form of operations or support,” says Shannon Kalvar, researcher at IDC.

The customers sometimes are not able to categorize their query according to the provided options, not all are technically savvy. AI help desk service helps them by understanding the words and the correlated categories so as to provide the best results to the customer. A service team member would have to talk to the customer and ask him for details of the trouble which the customer might not know at all.

Answering to simple questions like “how to change my password?” is really undermining to any service help desk assistant. Such work can be done by AI empowered software and your employee can be engaged with issues that require personal assistance like, upgradation of a Software or malware protection etc. You could also engage them in area where no machine learning helps but more mind power is required to get a job done.

The AI helpdesk is a onetime investment. Your inflow of customers can demand many people working on the task, which means increased number of employees to pay to. An AI helpdesk Software enables you to handle more than just one customer at a time.

Did you know that 25% of the audiences today are already using AI and other 25% are experimenting with it?

From the current scenarios it is clear that the future of help desk is AI and Machine Learning. However, it is important to know that AI is not anything automatic. Automation is totally another concept. Automation is about pre loading information and providing it to the customer in a computerized fashion. AI is cognitive instead of simply providing inbuilt results. To put it in a simple way, the AI software can get your computers thinking to provide the most accurate results to the customer.

Isn’t it ironic that computers were meant to simplify human monotony and now we have come up with thinking abilities for it. That is how science and advancement has brought in a technological revolution in today’s world.

Getting AI helpdesk software for your organization comes with innumerable perks. Your organization can be levelled up as not all the organizations have adopted this technology. It adds visibility and traffic to your websites. Anything that is customer satisfactory is the new future of the technical world, so when we know that AI is better than a manual service desk and is preferred by many people today, it would do no harm to your organization to get one.

Would you prefer accurate, quick, and precise results or waiting in ticketing queues and not getting satisfactory results? If your choice the former one, then that is just the enough amount of reasoning you need to opt for AI helpdesk software for your organization.