3 Incredibly effective ways to build your email list

Did you know? 80% of the business professionals swear by email marketing to be the key tool for customer retention. Email marketing has been the consistent effective method to get new customers or retain the old ones successfully.

Building an email list is always a priority because the money lies here. It is the foremost step to initiate a sales funnel. Building the list with good quality subscribers and a high open-rate means the business is doing great!

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Here are some efficient ways to build the contact list,

 The long-run

Sending an email to every potential email address can be an exhausting task. What is even more tiresome is the fact that not all emails receive a positive response. Let’s assume that we send 100 emails a day, the response rate is only 20 and sometimes even lesser.

Now, it doesn’t mean you should disregard the other 80 potentials the next time. Keep sending them informative emails and offers. The potential will respond to you tomorrow, if not today. The revenue you missed out on in the first email gets multiplied eventually. Consider it as a long time investment.

A straightforward CTA

Create a personalized call-to-action for every page on your website. It works best when you have enough relevant content to share. Having a personalized CTA increased the view-to-submissions rate by 42%! Relatability plays a significant role when it comes to the readers.

For example, if you’re writing an article about ways to build an email list, consider mentioning a link that helps the reader download the toolkit for creating the list. Or you can also choose to refer to another article that relates to the current one. The point here is to give what the reader asks for so they won’t feel manipulated.

Exit-intent conversions

Have you ever been to a flea market? People in the stalls place their items at a competitive price and offer premium quality goods. You browse through a stall, and just when you show a sign of disinterest, the shop owner pops up with an offer that you can’t refuse.

The websites you see on the internet are more or less the same. However, what makes you different is how you place the exit-intent pop-up and the offer you provide. Many website owners make a mistake when it comes to the pop-up. Research and time your pop-up well to ensure increased average time on the page.

Final thoughts

The more creative you get with the content, the more customers retain your brand. Create a fun customer survey to understand the demographics. Or you can choose some humor in your CTA for the “no” button. It pauses the person clicking it and makes them recheck the page to possibly change their decision. Also, always remember to use the power of social media!

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