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4 Must-Have Apps to Install on Your New Windows Laptop

4 Must-Have Apps to Install on Your New Windows Laptop

If you have just bought a new Windows laptop and are ready to kick off things, then you need to begin with installing the necessary apps. After all, your laptop is not going to offer you much if you do not have the apps that will help you run things and enjoy your content. There are thousands of different apps available out there so it can be hard to decide which ones to install first sometimes. So, to make things easier for you below, I have mentioned a few apps that you must install on your new laptop right away. Let’s take a look:

Google Chrome

Your laptop is not going to be any fun if you don’t have a decent app to browse the internet. That is why the first app you need to install on your new window’s laptop is Google Chrome. The reason you should switch to Chrome from the default windows browser is that it has a vast library of add-ons that can make your web browsing experience better. It is an official Google browser that not only makes word search convenient for you but also allows you to do image searches quickly. So, go to Chrome’s site right now and download it for free.

Soda PDF

Another great app you should install on your new laptop right away is Soda PDF. If you are someone who deals with lots of documents, then this app will come in handy for you. It allows you to edit, create, merge, and convert PDF documents with ease. With the help of Soda PDF editor, you can edit locked PDF files as well, which can also prove quite useful for you. Apart from that, Soda PDF also offers you features like OCR for scanning physical documents and converting them into digital files and E-signature which can come in quite handy for your business.

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Google Drive

If you are not an avid user of Google Drive, then it is time you started using it. Google Drive is a cloud storage platform that allows you to save your important files online. Once you have put your files on Google Drive, not only are they secure but you can also access them from any device at any time. Having Google Drive on your laptop will allow you to share documents conveniently and will sync all your devices as well. The best part about Google Drive is that it allows you to edit documents online as well.

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Microsoft Office Suite

No laptop is fully functional until you have installed Microsoft Office on it. If you have to create word documents, excel sheets, and presentations, then you are not going to survive without Microsoft office Suite. This is an app that you would not be able to get for free but the value it offers you is worth it. It allows you to manage your documents better and provides the best user experience when it comes to creating or editing documents. If you do not want to purchase Microsoft Office Suite, then you can go for the free alternative known as LibreOffice.


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