4 Pros of Using Inverter Heat Pump over ON/OFF Heat Pump

Inverter technology in inverter heat pumps ensures highly-efficient heating by adjusting the temperature in an optimized manner. Due to their numerous merits, such as power saving, cost-efficient, compact designs, and easy installation, inverter heat pumps are becoming indispensable to satisfy various needs. 

However, a copious number of people are still using ON/OFF heat pumps, and people worldwide wonder about the benefits of using inverter heat pumps compared with ON/OFF heat pumps. Therefore, this article will help you determine the distinctive pros of using inverter heat pumps over ON/OFF heat pumps.

Working Principle of an Inverter and ON/OFF Compressor

On the one hand, the ON/OFF compressor has a uniformed speed compressor motor based on the principle of single-speed, meaning it does not run at an optimized speed all the time. Instead, the compressor will turn off when the heat pump reaches the desired temperature, whereas it kicks off again when there is an increase in temperature. Thus, you need to pay a high electricity bill due to high electricity consumption.

On the other hand, inverter technology is the latest technology concerning the compressor motor. The inverter compressor is based on the principle of variable frequency drive, which can vary the compressor speed according to different conditions with small temperature fluctuation. In this condition, it is more efficient and has less electricity consumption. 

Top 4 Pros of Inverter Heat Pump over ON/OFF Heat Pump

Since you have clarified the working principle of inverter heat pumps and ON/OFF heat pumps, the next step is to master the top 4 four advantages of  inverter heat pumps. 

  • Eco-Friendly 

Energy efficiency is the key to limiting the effects of climate change. Since the inverter heat pumps consume less power than the ON/OFF heat pump, it releases fewer emissions to the environment. Meanwhile, it not only ensures efficiency in heating but also reduces carbon emissions to a large extent. Simultaneously, inverter heat pumps are safe to operate as they rely on electricity instead of combustion-based heating systems and are operated stably in an eco-friendly way. 

  • Efficient and Bills Saving

It is acknowledged that the inverter heat pump is more efficient than the ON/OFF heat pump so the inverter heat pump can save immense bills. For instance, some inverter heat pumps use a hydrophilic coating that aims to decrease frosting to realize excellent high efficiency. In addition, the excellent inverter heat pump works at a slower speed when the target temperature is reached, which saves at least 40% energy bills compared with the ON/OFF heat pump.

Meanwhile, inverter heat pumps can run for several years without periodic maintenance checks, which will minimize the inconvenience of repairs and save you from spending unnecessary money.  

  • Small Temperature Fluctuation

Since inverter heat pumps use advanced technology and are highly reliable, they provide users with a comfortable experience with small temperature fluctuations. It is worth mentioning that the Dolphin Series inverter heat pump from NEWNTIDE, an expert in providing types of heat pumps, can keep a constant water temperature and have a smaller temperature fluctuation than ON/OFF heat pumps according to a rigorous test. 

  • Intelligent Heating

One of the biggest advantages of using mini inverter heat pumps over ON/OFF heat pumps is that inverter heat pumps achieve intelligent heating by using state-of-the-art inverter compressor technology. For instance, the Dolphin Series inverter heat pump can adjust the frequency of the inverter compressor and the speed of the DC fan motor according to the ambient temperature and the target pool temperature for intelligent heating. 

The Best Inverter Heat Pump You Must Try

Now that you must have cleared that inverter heat pumps have more advantages than ON/OFF heat pumps and can save you a lot. Thus, if you are looking for an energy-saving and cost-effective inverter heat pump, the newly launched Dolphin Series inverter heat pump by NEWNTIDE is the best one you can’t miss. 

Except for the advantages mentioned above, the Dolphin Series inverter heat pump not only supports Wi-Fi controls but also emits lower noise at an affordable price. Meanwhile, it has a compact design that makes it portable and convenient to use on most occasions, including family pools, inflatable pools, and spas. 


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