4 Reasons Why You Should Think of Incorporating Your Business

Reasons Why You Should Think of Incorporating Your Business

Being a business owner has always been a lucrative idea. It has been an inspiration for many, even more now with the current digital technology development.

Access to information has been greatly improving over the past year, thus people from many backgrounds can get all the information they need before establishing their first business. Be it the legal requirements, documentation needed, or even to search for the idea of what kind of business they should establish.

One of the crucial things that you should know before setting up your business is the importance of registering and incorporating your business. Incorporating your business has many benefits, but in general, there are 4 greatest reasons why you should think of doing it.

1.To Protect Your Assets

Everyone who aims to set up their own business must have a big dream of what kind of things they want to achieve. They have put their sweat and tears into ensuring the company can achieve success, so they can enjoy their hard work in the future. But unfortunately, life might not always go according to our plan. Though you have tried your best, there might be times when accidents unfortunately happen.

If this worst-case scenario does happen, ensuring that you have taken protective measures by incorporating your company beforehand can work wonders for you. By incorporating your company, your asset, and the company asset will be two different things. Thus in case of business failure, you can protect your assets from being seized by creditors – as they can only collect the company assets to satisfy their claim.

This is not the case for any business owner who prefers to not incorporate their business. Without an appropriate incorporation process, your assets will be automatically linked to your business, thus when an emergency such as we mentioned above happens, you might find yourself losing claim to all your assets.

2.Easy and Paperless Process

Most of the country now has online platforms or portals that allow aspiring entrepreneurs to register their businesses digitally. This can be easy, and it will also simplify all the paperwork process – ensuring you can complete your incorporation process with ease.

But if you prefer to not do it on your own because you’re afraid of messing things up, you can always hire a corporate service provider to help tackle all of your incorporation needs. For example, you can check out!

Wealthbridge is one of the best service providers in Singapore that can facilitate a swift and seamless incorporation process for your business. You don’t have to worry about submitting the wrong documents, or not following the right registration process. With Wealthbridge’s professional and reliable team, they’ll guide and assist you through every stage with professionalism and expertise!

3.Tax Efficiency

It’s no secret that Singapore is one of the best countries to do business. The ultimate reason is that Singapore has attractive tax rates and incentives for business, including tax exemption for new startups, and tax treaties that can help you avoid double taxation.

The latter is very exciting (and important) for many foreign entrepreneurs who have their companies set up in Singapore. Because Singapore has an extensive network of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAs) with many countries. This can help reduce the tax burden on companies by avoiding double taxation on income earned in countries in which Singapore has such agreements.

If you don’t incorporate your company properly, unfortunately, your business won’t be able to get all the tax efficiency and benefits that we’ve mentioned above.

4.Ability in Choosing to Incorporate Based On Company Structures

Singapore is a unitary state, meaning all the processes of business incorporation will follow the national or central authority without distinct regional or provincial levels for company registration. This is a bit different from other countries, which might ask businesses to choose between incorporating at the provincial or federal level.

However, Singapore does offer entrepreneurs the ability to choose the incorporation process based on company structures and registration options. The most common and flexible business structure in Singapore is the Private Limited Company (Pte Ltd). It’s registered under the national authority, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Meanwhile, for foreign companies looking to establish a presence in Singapore, they can set up a branch office instead.

Choosing between these structures will highly depend on factors such as the need for limited liability, future expansion plans, tax considerations, and the level of control and autonomy you desire.

These are the ultimate reasons why you should think of incorporating your business immediately. By incorporating your business beforehand, you can make sure that you have protected both yourself and your company. This will grant you peace of mind, and allow you to be fully focused when devising strategies for your business’s success!

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