4 Things All Tourists Should Never Do in United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Decided to go to the UK and you didn’t start planning your trip yet? You’re at the right place then. Well talk about the main steps to take when you want to go to the UK and have a memorable trip. Now that England is not in the European Union anymore, maybe you’ll need to have some additional information about papers you need to get into the country if you’re from Europe or from abroad. 

Besides, there is also the cultural aspect you need to consider, in order to avoid doing things that may be seen as not polite. We are talking about some kind of cultural shock that you will need and wish to avoid. Let’s see in the following paragraphs some ideas about things to never do when you’ll be in the United Kingdom.

Never answer unknown numbers

If you’re a tourist in a foreign country, it doesn’t mean you are naive. Make sure you keep yourself updated on the risks regarding your personal safety. Specialists have shown that there are more and more scams by phone and some scammers find tourists to be victims of the fraud. If an unknown number calls you, the best first thing to do is not to answer. You can then check out this number on the Who Called Me UK platform, which allows you to easily identify the caller’s identity and find out more details which will allow you to decide if this is a possible scammer or not.

Never say negative things about the Queen 

As the Queen is a very important figure in the United Kingdom, people respect her and think England is blessed with having Her Majesty. Make sure you never say anything bad about the Queen or don’t mention anything about her, if that’s more sure. Respect the culture and country of others and they will respect you. 

Make jokes and be positive

Never say you’re not doing well when you are asked how you are doing. It is better to say you’re just fine or anything else, but not negative things, as British people are not used to hear negative thoughts, some people would say. Some people state that British rather prefer to fake the reality a little bit, but not reveal deeply what they feel. Respect that and you’ll be respected as well as a tourist. Never forget that as tourists we need to respect social and cultural rules.  

Don’t forget about the British small talk

Here’s a little reminder that British people love talking about the weather, or at least they can do that for more than five minutes. Be familiar with that and you’ll not feel like this is a weird thing. Just make your best to have a decent conversation and that’s it.

Our list with advices on what not to do when you travel to the United Kingdom comes to an end here. We hope this has been helpful and you’ll enjoy your trip to the UK.

Types of Customs and Behavior

When visiting the United Kingdom, visitors should be aware of different customs and behaviors. Here are a few things to avoid:

-Do not ask people for directions or help with finding your way around – they will likely think you are a mardy foreigner and not want to help. You can easily find your way around on your own by consulting maps or tourist guides.

-Do not push your way ahead in queues – this will only make others feel uncomfortable and may result in physical confrontation. Wait patiently behind everyone else until it is your turn.

-Do not touch people without their consent -. Keep hands to yourself at all times, especially if you are a cisgender woman.

-Avoid using slang words and expressions that may be unfamiliar to locals – this could make them feel uncomfortable or cause them to react negatively. Say “excuse me” or “thank you” when you need to interrupt someone and use proper English when speaking with people.