4 Top Social Media Sites for Job Seekers Today

4 Top Social Media Sites for Job Seekers Today

Job search is never quick or easy. Regardless of your experience or industry, it can take weeks of active search to get an offer that would satisfy your career needs. But, don’t get disappointed just yet. Even though it is never fully quick or easy, these days, there are plenty of tools that can make the process a bit simpler, and social networks are among them.

In the 21st century, people of all ages spend on average 145 minutes on social media. Most of the time, they use it to communicate and for recreation. But, as many of you should already know, social media also has a huge potential in solving different life challenges. Namely, if you use it right, it can help you get hired faster and easier!

According to Monster, as many as 80% of employers are leveraging social networks to recruit talents. This basically means that your future employer might be out there too. So, all you need is to find them and make an impression with your flawless resume. For the last purpose, you can use our top best CV writing service SkillHub which will make your job application shine. And, for the first task, you can use the following social media.

1. LinkedIn

Given the fact that LinkedIn is a professional network, there should be no surprise for you to see it at the top of our list. Bringing together nearly 700 million users (including professionals, recruiters, and employers), LinkedIn is surely a top spot for everyone looking for a job. And there are plenty of ways to use it to your benefit.

First and foremost, you need a detailed and professionally-looking profile. But how do I advertise myself on social media, you may be wondering. In fact, you can hire experts from Skillhub to help you complete your LinkedIn account and set it up for success. Once you do this, you will make your account noticed and will start receiving offers.

In addition, there are other steps that can maximize your chances. Namely, you should try:

  • Optimizing your profile with relevant keywords;
  • Growing your network;
  • Following companies you are interested in and their employees;
  • Joining groups;
  • Providing samples of your work;
  • Accumulating recommendations, etc.

Apart from this, you can also be the first one to reach out! Look for recruiters and CEOs that might be interested in hiring you and send them your elevator pitch! This will boost your visibility as a potential candidate and help land a job faster. But, be sure to reach out to first-, second-, and third-level connections. They will be the most useful.

2. Instagram

Another social media website that can come in handy for job seekers is Instagram. Unlike LinkedIn, Instagram was never meant for job search. But, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be helpful.

While LinkedIn is a great place to find potential employers, Instagram is a perfect place to help potential employers find you. This social network is ideal for building your personal brand. If used correctly, it can help you get noticed by potential employers and gain a competitive advantage over other candidates since running a successful Instagram account is a clear sign that you are digital-savvy, which is quite important these days.

And even that’s not all. Given the fact that nearly all modern businesses are already on Instagram, you can also use it for collecting insights on companies you might want to work with. Their profiles can tell you more about each particular company’s corporate culture, values, and keep you updated on their news. So, one way or another, it is a tool you should really try in your job search.

3. Twitter

For those of you who want to stay updated on the news and job openings of the companies you are interested in, Twitter is another great social media site to try. If you stay active, Twitter can let you develop and promote your personal brand no worse than Instagram or LinkedIn, and it has quite a few additional benefits too.

One of the best things about Twitter is its free-flowing communication feature. This feature basically makes it possible for you to connect with any recruiter or potential employer out there, without having to submit a resume and other documents first.

To use this feature, search for helpful connections using relevant keywords. When you find them, grow your network and communicate with the people on your contact list. This way you should be able to discover a variety of great opportunities. And to make the most of it, be sure to have a professional blog or LinkedIn profile that can help recruiters learn more about you and compliment your job search.

4. Facebook

Finally, it shouldn’t surprise you to see Facebook among the other social media sites that can come in handy for job seekers. Similarly to LinkedIn, Facebook can be pretty versatile thanks to the huge range of features that it has.

First of all, there is a possibility to search for available vacancies without leaving Facebook. Secondly, there is an opportunity to follow company accounts to stay updated on their news. Also, there are plenty of opportunities for expanding your network and meeting the right people. And, there are also helpful groups where you can also discover job advertisements.

Wrapping everything up

As you see now, social media sites really have a huge potential in terms of job search. Each of the four sites like and those that we mentioned above can help you discover interesting career opportunities, apply for them, and, hopefully, get hired. So, don’t waste time and start using these sites to your benefit ASAP!