4 Ways to Check if someone has blocked you on Facebook

If you want to find out if someone has blocked you or not, the article below will help you learn how to check if someone has blocked you on Facebook in a few easy steps. 

Moreover before finding out you must know the difference between did someone block you or unfriended you. 

What is the difference between blocked and unfriended people?

Well, if we look into the difference, there is a very fine line between both. If someone unfriended or blocked you from their Facebook account, they will disappear from your friend list.

On the other hand, if someone unfriends you, you can still see their Facebook profile in the Add Friend option. While you are blocked you’ll see a message that “This content cannot be accessed.”

This is the main difference between getting blocked by someone or being unfriended from their Facebook profile. Now the question which might come across your mind is what are the more options to find out if someone blocked us?  You can know more about it by reading the article below. 

How You Can Find Out If Someone Blocked You on Facebook?

If you are struggling to figure out if someone blocked you on Facebook or not. One thing which you have to notice is that their posts will disappear from your Facebook timeline. Even if you try to search by name, you’ll see that the user is not found in the search results. So let’s start with a handy trick to know if you’ve been blocked by someone on Facebook or not. 

You Can’t Find The Profile in Your Friends List

One of the most known ways to find out whether you are blocked or not is to search the profile in your friend list. If you are friends with someone and for some reason, you can’t find them in your friend list. 

Therefore it means that they have either deleted their Facebook account or kicked you out. Moreover, if the person’s profile is showing up but still not in your profile that means that he has unfriended you from his Facebook. You must be thinking how you can check the profile? Well, to check your friend list, type the name in the bar located at the top of your Facebook page you’ll find out whether you are blocked or he just unfriended your profile page.

You Can’t Tag Them In Your Facebook Post

If you are a Facebook user you must tag your friends on different posts for fun or want to connect to them. However, if you can’t find the person you want to tag while tagging, your Facebook friends may have blocked you.

Normally, when you tag someone in any post, Facebook suggests their name as soon as you start typing. However, if you type the person’s name and you can’t find any auto-fills, they may have blocked you. 

Unable To Send Invitations

Have you sent the invitations to your friends? Obviously, you might have sent the invitations for events to your friends through Facebook. One of the ways to check whether you are blocked or not is to send an invite to the person to an event and if you can’t find the person’s name, that’s a very strong sign that you are blocked from their account. Some people just delete their accounts, but this is a very rare case.

Unable to See the Posts on Your Facebook Feed

Are you a Facebook user? If yes you must be aware of that on Facebook, you see the Facebook posts from the people you talk with the most on Facebook. If for some reason you don’t see someone’s posts anymore, it’s a way to check if someone has blocked you on Facebook. 

If you try to go to a person’s profile page and you see the error “Sorry, this content is currently unavailable” on their Facebook profile page, it means that person has blocked you.


You must be aware of the fact that all social media sites like Facebook and others have an option to ban various accounts. It started as a tool to remove all unwanted people from your social account. Hopefully, the guide mentioned above will help you to understand if someone has blocked you on Facebook and how to know the signs, and for more tech articles like these, you can always head over to Digitalsolomo to stay updated on latest tech news, articles and how-to guides. 

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