4Anime – An Online Anime Subscription Website Worth Checking Out

Anime is an online free streaming anime site similar to Anime. You do not need to register yourself to access the anime streams or pay for any download. It is completely free to surf. You can enjoy anime or other cartoons of your choice at anytime you wish. The best part about 4Anime is that it has secured private servers and therefore your sensitive data is totally safe with the site.

Anime has a wonderful option to provide better privacy along with the ease of watching various anime series. We all know that internet has a certain impact on privacy and security. With 4Anime, your personal settings and private information are safe from prying eyes. If you use the private browsing mode, then your IP address and other related information will be invisible to the third party websites.

There is really helps to maintain your privacy while watching the anime series. Anime has a special option to hide your IP address. This feature of 4Anime helps to keep your real location out of the sight of the unauthorised people. This option of 4Anime really helps to save your money and precious time. If you really want to watch some good cartoon then you can easily watch them in the comfort of your home or office.

4Anime uses a Flash player to run its Anime feature. This player is equipped with many advanced features and works fast. It is really helping to refresh the pages quickly. 4Anime has four main categories namely; School Life, Comedy, Romance and Martial Arts. All the four categories of 4Anime have their own individual videos and they have a separate body section to enable easy viewing and navigation.

The new feature, which is in 4Anime, Streaming anime is also very interesting. Streaming anime means that a number of pictures or movies are played back at the same time. It has been a great idea for the persons who really love watching new movies with their friends in an enjoyable manner. Streaming anime will allow you to watch anime without having to download it or to burn it to DVD.

Another exciting option of 4Anime, is the option of viewing the whole in-depth episodes of the anime series. You have the option to browse the whole series like a magazine or newspaper. You can also save all the pictures you have taken along while watching the series. The browsing features of 4Anime really helps you to find all the information quickly.

Another great website worth visiting is AnimeBay. AnimeBay has a large database of popular and premium anime online merchandises. The database has a complete list of stores that ship worldwide. The only requirement to become a member of AnimeBay is that you must be over the age of eighteen years and have a legal email address.

A website which offers you the best service, 4 Anime allows you to watch anime online, buy and sell movie posters, licensed products and a lot of other stuffs as well. You have the facility to view the in depth episode of your favorite shows. The website offers the user with many choices to make your live like viewing experience a true enjoyable one.