5 Fascinating Ludo Game Facts

Ludo is a board game played by two, three, or four people at one time. It is a strategy board game where one has to go through the entire board with the fear of being canceled by the other players in the game. One gets canceled when the opponent player rolls his dice and gets the same square in the row upon which the current player’s token is present. 

The decision to proceed forward with the squares on the board is taken by rolling a die turn by turn. Online ludo game is an immensely admired game played all across the world. Right before the advent of the online community till date, Ludo is relished as a favorite indoor game by most people. Ludo has a lot to offer in today’s world. Check out some fascinating facts about ludo, below.

Some fascinating facts about Ludo:-

1. Origin of Ludo 

Many won’t believe that Ludo is said to have originated in India. It is because it was played by royalty and noblemen. Many of our excavations, paintings, and sculptures prove that our kings and their subjects played ludo. Earlier, the game of Ludo was said to be called Pachisi. Fascinated by this fact? Go ahead and download the ludo game on your smartphone to experience the thrill behind this game. 

2. Ludo is a strategy and not Luck.

People often mistake this game for a luck-based game. One can definitely not decide the number of rolling dice. But if played tactfully, ludo is not about the rolling dice but the strategies used to play the tokens in the game. One should focus not on getting appropriate numbers on the dice, but on how to place their tokens with the dice numbers. Those who keep this strategy in mind will win the most popular form of ludo, the online ludo game.

3. The Myth behind the Rolling dices Online.

It is a myth that the numbers in the dice are pre-programmed in online ludo games. The numbers in the dice are completely random and are controlled by codes. Therefore there are no cheat codes in the online dice rolling. So if you have been vanquished it was all your fate. 

Sadly, the game of ludo also gives you a lesson that only partially but luck does get to contribute to the victory and failures of life. So download the ludo game without any hesitation and pre-conception.

4. Early Ludo 

As mentioned earlier, Ludo was known as Pachisi before. The famous tale of Mahabharata in India is based on the game Pachisi. It is said that mama shakuni had rigged the dice in order to defeat the Pandavas. The ludo then was also involved with gambling which led to one of the most disrespectful events in history. This is because the Pandavas lost their wife Draupadi in the bet. She was then insulted and humiliated in front of 100s of men.  

This led to the great war of Mahabharata. Earlier, the tokens were in the form of coins. Also, sometimes real human beings were used as tokens on a mat of squares, similar to the game of ludo.

5. Meaning of Ludo

Among all the mentioned facts, the meaning of Ludo will surely blow your mind. Ludo is a Latin word that means ‘I Play’. More than 80% of the population who plays ludo is sure to not know about this simple fact. Ludo has been played all across the world in many forms and versions of it. 

It truly serves as the most interesting indoor game in the world. In the range of online cards, online carrom, online snake and ladder, online chess, etc, the online Ludo game stands as an undefeated winner as proved in the pandemic. This is because it is an exciting yet easy game that takes no time for someone to learn it. 


With the advent of Smartphones, online gaming has reached its heights. Recently, during the pandemic the total downloads of this game were shocking. Ludo is a game played by family and friends, but you can also play it online by people all over the world on WinZo. People can also earn cash by playing Ludo on WinZo. Also, it is completely legal and safe for money. So Ludo game download on the Winzo app today.

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