5 Features of Hosting Plans

Web hosting is like having a digital office space where files used in creating your website on the server get stored. Thus, web hosts are the ones who rent a digital space to users on the servers where one can build their website files.

Various hosting companies are available that lease or sell users their web servers. Hence, a user must find the right hosting plan when choosing their web host. The process can sometimes be confusing because hosting plans vary in features and price. Therefore, it’s vital to understand all the requirements before settling on the ideal web host plan.  Below is a description of all the essential features that will assist you in determining your perfect hosting plan. Once you have read them, you will have the ability to make the right decision.

Email Accounts

One of the essential features of web hosting is email accounts, especially for users using a domain. Hosting has three major email accounts, including forwarding, aliases, and POP3.

1. Aliases

Here, users have an option of creating a comprehensive alias that gets used in email collection sent to unrecognized addresses from their mail server.

2. POP3

Considered as traditional inboxes, users here get space where they can store their emails. Also, you can download your mail via an email program. A single POP3 email account has a password and login combination.

3. Forwarding

The following email account is suitable for users using services from different companies to filter their emails. It involves the redirection of emails from a person’s mail server to another address where they are stored. 


Disk Space

You need to consider the available storage of a hosting plan. There are many files used in the creation of a website. Hence, all those files are necessary when running a website. Backups of the servers and the information are vital in keeping the site functional. So, you want to get a plan that has enough disk space for everything you want to have on your website, be it text, images or videos.

Data Transfer and Bandwidth

Both functions are vital when searching for a suitable hosting plan. Data transfer involves the amount of data transferred each month. Surpassing the limit leads to the host charging an extra fee, shutting down the website, or downtime. Hence, you need to select a hosting plan covering additional data transfer that allows more content and traffic.

If you have less bandwidth than you need it means that the website will run slower and take more time to load even when the connection speed is fast.  

Security and Backup

Security is sensitive when it comes to hosting a website. SSL certificates, SSL secure servers, antivirus, strong passwords, prevention database software, reliable authentication, privacy policies and email encryption are tools you need to consider in security.

Your website might still be vulnerable despite having good security. Therefore, you need to check on the backup policy of a hosting plan. Your website needs to have automatic restoration in case of a problem, minimal downtime and automatic backup, which prevents data loss.

 Building Tools and Support

A good hosting provider should offer hosting tools as part of their hosting plan. Advanced building tools enable users to easily add ads, banner rotators, forums, blogs, newsletters, photo albums, galleries, visitor tracker, blog auto software installer, FAQ module, etc.

Reliable hosting providers should offer 24/7 support to their users. So that you can get an immediate response when you send a support ticket after experiencing issues. Also, their telephone support and chart service should be instant.


Final Thoughts

Your website’s success depends on the right hosting plan that you choose. Before you get one, you need to conduct an in-depth analysis of the hosting plan features. This will ease your work in finding the best provider out there. If you want a suggestion for a good provider, we recommend you take a look at this DreamHost review.

However, you want to make sure that you have done enough research before deciding on a plan. There are several decisions that go into creating a website, but hosting is by far the most important. 

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