5 Hobbies You Can Take Up During Recovery


Recovery is a difficult time. But it’s the most important part of getting sober. One of the best ways to ensure success is to take up hobbies.

Hobbies serve as a great distraction. They also make your life more fulfilling. Everyone should have a fun hobby or two.

Here are five hobbies ideal for recovery.


Stay healthy by getting your blood flowing.

You don’t need to hit the gym every day. You don’t even need to do anything strenuous. Just a bit of exercise can make a huge difference.

Exercise will keep you healthy. It will also keep you happy.

When you exercise, your body produces endorphins. These are known as natural happy chemicals. Unsurprisingly, this is because they improve your mood.

It doesn’t take much exercise to produce endorphins.

Even just walking around your backyard could be considered exercise.

The important thing is to add some movement into your life. Sitting around doing nothing isn’t good for recovery. It’s also not healthy to begin with.

Consider investing in a gym membership.

If you can’t afford one, take walks around your neighborhood.

Find someone to be your exercise buddy to keep you accountable.


Everyone needs to eat.

Having a nutritious, balanced diet is key to recovery.

Cooking your own food is the best way to do that. If you’ve just come from an in-patient treatment center for addiction treatment Los Angeles, you’ve probably been eating lots of healthy food.

Keep up the good work at home. Maybe ask if you could have some of their recipes. Watch some cooking shows.

Try cooking something new and changing things up.

The important thing is that you cook healthy food. It’s a bonus if it’s also delicious. Don’t get discouraged if your first few meals aren’t perfect.

Cooking is an art that takes time to master.

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Once you start cooking, you’ll wonder why you ever went out to eat.


See the world!

There are so many exciting places to explore.

You don’t need to go somewhere far away to travel. You can travel in your backyard. All you need is a sense of adventure.

Maybe there are some national parks near you that you’d never heard of.

Or maybe the beach close to your home has a great surfing spot.

Buy an old-fashioned travel guide and hit the road. You’d be surprised by what you find. You’ll also be surprised by what you learn about yourself.

Travel is a journey of self-exploration. It enables you to explore yourself as much as the world. You deserve to find yourself.

Use travel as a reward. Once you’ve been sober for a certain amount of time, treat yourself to a weekend getaway. Or save up for an even longer trip.

Traveling with friends is a great way to grow closer to people. It’s a great way to repair damaged relationships. It will set the tone for this new stage in life.

Solo travel can also be fun.


It’s always good to have a creative outlet.

Photography is one of the most accessible art forms.

Anyone with a cell phone can become a photographer. The cameras might not be as high quality as a classic camera, but they’re pretty good.

You’ll probably take some bad photos when you’re starting out. That’s ok.

No one takes perfect photos all the time.

Photography is not about creating beautiful images. But if you do want to learn to take pretty pictures, consider joining an online photography course.

Learning a new skill is a great way to mark your recovery.


Reading is very relaxing.

It also doesn’t have to be expensive.

Head to your local library or used bookstore and ask for a recommendation.

If you find it helps, read stories of people who’ve recovered from addiction or substance abuse. Or use reading as an opportunity to escape into another world. It’s another way to learn new things.

Maybe there’s a period of history you’ve always wanted to learn about.

Or maybe you just want to curl up with a good mystery.


The road to recovery is not easy. Hobbies help make it easier. It doesn’t matter what your hobby is as long as you find one.