5 Mandatory Documents Required to Drive Car Legally in India

Buying a car is one of the most important milestones of any person’s life. The dream of a lifetime coming true, is what buying a car feels like. The general perception is that you can buy a car and start driving immediately.

However, there are a few documents that you need to possess to start driving a car on Indian roads. Let us look at a few documents that should be available to you at all times. The original copies of these documents or attested copies should be produced when asked.

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Documents required to drive a car in India

  1. Registration Certificate – Also known as RC, the registration certificate is extremely important to establish your ownership. It is issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and contains detailed information about your vehicle including make and model, registration number, and name and number of the owner. This is given when you purchase the vehicle itself. This particular document is essential to prove that this vehicle is registered with the government of India. RC is issued when you are allotted the number of your car and this task can be undertaken by you or by the dealership.
  2. Insurance Certificate – According to the Motor Vehicles Act, all vehicles must be covered by at least a third party bike insurance. This is the most basic form of car insurance and the sum assured is used in case of damage to the property of the other person. This document provides information about the amount of coverage, details of the vehicle covered, name of the owner, type of coverage, insurance provider, and policy number.

If you use your car for a daily commute and travel long distances in your car, it is wise to opt for comprehensive car insurance that provides other covers like passenger cover, breakdown assistance, zero depreciation cover, tyre protect cover, consumable cover, and engine and gear-box cover. These add-ons are chargeable and you should carefully consider what you need before you buy any of them.


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  1. Driver’s license – This particular document is important to prove that you know how to drive a car and the government issues this license to you based on the test that you give at one of the identified centers. Driving without a license is a serious offense. You will be risking your life along with someone else’s when you drive without a license.


There are multiple types of driving license in India and it is compulsory to hold a valid license of the particular category of vehicle you wish to drive. For example, if you wish to obtain a license for your own car and for private purposes, you can apply for the LMV or the Light Motor Vehicle class of license. LMV includes motorcars, jeeps, taxis, and delivery vans.


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  1. Emission Test Certificate – Vehicle Emission testing is compulsory and you need to have a certificate for the same. This is an important step towards curbing pollution and the emission should be within limits set by the government. Emission testing service is carried out by many auto service places and petrol pumps. A PUC certificate for the car is issued on the spot and there is no other attached procedure. You may need to produce your RC before getting the emission test done. The certificate has a clear stamp of validity and the next test should be done a few days before the previous one expires.
  2. Permits wherever applicable – Vehicles are used for private as well as commercial purposes. It is easy to spot vehicles that are being used for commercial purposes as they have a yellow number board with black characters. These are generally seen on transport vehicles and good carriers.

If you wish to be on the right side of the law, it is important to possess these papers and produce them when asked. The absence of any one of them can lead to a hefty fine and legal action as deemed fit by the law. The purpose of these documents is to ensure the safety and security of citizens driving vehicles on Indian roads.


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