5 NetsuiteOpenair Features You Didn’t Know About

About NetsuiteOpenair

If you are in the market for a project management software, then you have definitely come across NetsuiteOpenair software. The software has gained an immense amount of popularity over the years due to the sheer number of features and flexibility it has. In this piece, we will be talking about everything you need to know about this software; from features to pricing and more.


NetsuiteOpenair is honestly incredibly popular; the sales for the software being a testament to this fact. The software is both sold and used all over the world. The software is so popular globally that it supports various languages in regions where it might be popular such as Korean, Japanese, Finnish and more! The software really does have a lot to offer. In this piece, we will be telling you everything you need to know about NetsuiteOpenair; from features in the software to NetsuiteOpenair pricing; everything you need to know to make a decision will be communicated to you so keep reading!

5 Amazing Netsuite Features

Customize the Software

Like we mentioned earlier; the software can support a huge number of languages and you can choose which language you want to use the software in. but that is not the only decision in regards to how you want to use the software that you can make. With NetsuiteOpenair, you have a lot of flexibility in your hands. The software allows you to edit it as you please. You can change a lot of things about the software so that it suits your needs better. This feature in Netsuite is very popular and often mentioned by users in NetsuiteOpenair reviews about how flexible the software is to their needs which at the end of the day any good software should be!

Email Marketing Made Simple

These days email marketing is a necessary tool for any business to have if it wants to succeed. And luckily with NetsuiteOpenair, you get access to a wonderful email marketing feature which makes the entire process a lot more easier for you and your team. The email marketing feature helps you sort email addresses into different lists. The email marketing feature also has pre-made templates you can use for your promotional emails and what not. The feature really lets you decide how you want your email marketing templates to look like, which is great! The feature will definitely help you in growing your business!

Lead Management

The software also ranks your contacts according to readiness which helps you delegate resources to your contacts better; helping you set yourself up for success. You can make separate lists for different clients or potential clients and make sure you are dedicating the appropriate amount of resources to the right lead. All in all, this feature really allows you to simplify everything at your end! The feature really helps you make things easier for you and your team. A lot of NetsuiteOpenair reviews talk about how much the lead ranking feature helps users make more successful sales calls.

Customer Support Portal

While the customer support portal is not a direct feature of NetsuiteOpenair, it is definitely an important feature nonetheless. This feature helps you out when you need it the most. As with any software, your project and business management software can run into issues which can be tricky if you are in the middle of your workday. Thankfully, with NetsuiteOpenair, you are able to reach out to a representative from the company who can help you out and fix the issue for you right away.

Payment Solutions

One of the most important parts of running a business is invoicing your clients and with NetsuiteOpenair, your invoicing solution is pretty much built into the software. The software makes billing so much easier because you are able to input the clients details into the software and have the software take care of the bill. All in all, this feature really makes it simple for you to get your finances in order since you are able to send bills to clients right away which helps you to improve your cash inflow and general financial position of your business.

NetsuiteOpenair Pricing

Now you are probably wondering how much it would cost for you to employ this software in your practice. NetsuiteOpenair pricing starts at $399 a month but you can also choose a premium option which costs a further $49 a month. This is the basic version of the software. The more expensive version of the software costs $899 a month and even on top of that there can be $49 a month per user.


Is Netsuite the Right Call for Your Business?

Now you are probably wondering whether you should go ahead with NetsuiteOpenair as the software for your business. Well, we can only help you make your own decision. We suggest you write down all the features you would want in your software and then compare it to the features in NetsuiteOpenair. This helps you figure out whether the software would match your needs.


We also suggest reading as many NetsuiteOpenair reviews by users. Long term users can help you figure out whether or not the software will serve you well in the long run. All in all, we are sure whatever decision you make in regards to this software will be a good one for your business.


And finally, we suggest you ask for a NetsuiteOpenair demo to help you figure out whether or not the software would serve your needs. A trial of the software really enables you to see the software in a new light!





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