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5 reasons why car GPS tracker is necessary?

car GPS tracker

car GPS tracker

Whenever we heard about the word “car”, an image of a car and a family sitting inside it comes into our mind, which isn’t wrong because every man dreams of having a vehicle for his family. What people don’t pay much attention to is car fleet, commercial and employee vehicles. Even banks use vans to deliver money into the empty ATM Machines. Hence, it proves that not only personal but commercial & public four-wheelers also plays a vital role in our life. Wait, but this isn’t the sole objective of this article. Yes, its true that I wanted you to realise the importance of cabs & commercial vehicles but its just the beginning, not the end. Now, I will tell you about a device named Onelap car GPS tracker. It is an India based Startup which has its headquarters in the capital Delhi.

Onelap was founded by Shubham Choudhary & Vishal Sharma in 2016. It is the best seller on Amazon from the past 2 years in the GPS category. As we have discussed initially that people don’t pay much attention to the car fleet as much as they do to personal cars, but that doesn’t mean that personal vehicles don’t need security they also need to be secured from theft and any internal damage. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of GPS tracker for the car for both personal as well as commercial.

Why do you need GPS tracker?

Here I’m going to list the advantages of GPS for personal as well as for company cars:

1. Anti-Theft:

It is a significant and equally critical feature for any car owner whether its personal or fleet or commercial because whenever you purchase your vehicle, you consider it for the present as well as for the future. Therefore, its evident that you don’t want to lose your car in steal. Scary enough but don’t worry, you can save your vehicle from theft if you install Onelap GPS tracking system. Let me tell you how. If you install GPS tracker in your car then whenever someone other than you will try to start your vehicle, you will get an instant alert on your mobile app & after that, you can go near to your car & stop it from stealing.

2. Saves Fuel:

Well, I don’t think that how expensive fuel is these days. However, any vehicle in the world needs energy, and you can’t skip it to save some money but what you can do is save fuel that too with the GPS tracking device. Now, you will say that how a tracking device can save fuel? Well, your doubt is valid, and somehow you’re right that GPS tracker can’t directly save power, but it lets you track each movement of your vehicle, and it also keeps an eye on fuel consumption. Suppose, if one of your fleets is idling time then you can call him and tell him to stop doing this.

3. Over-Speed Alerts:

It is a convenient feature for parents who send their children to school in their car with the driver as well as for commercial vehicle owners. Suppose you have installed a GPS device in your vehicle and in that you have set a specific speed limit. Though you have a set speed limit your driver is still speeding up you can see this on your phone and can inform him over the phone to slow down the speed. It’s an underestimated thing but its a life-risking thing from which Onelap GPS can save you.

4. Safe-Zone:

There is a function in the GPS tracker which is called Geofencing through which you can create a safe-zone in the area according to your requirement. After making a safe-zone via your phone, you will get notified in case whenever you enter or exit that area. Not only this, but this feature can also come handy whenever a suspicious person takes your vehicle out of the safe-zone created.

5. Affordable:

An average car comes in the price range of INR 5 Lakh- INR 10 Lakh, which is a massive amount for anybody after all its their hard-earned through which anybody purchase vehicle. The current Covid-19 pandemic has many negative impacts, but one positive thing it taught to all of us is to save money. What if I tell you that Onelap car tracking system do the same thing because its price starts from mere INR 3K which is affordable to any car owner who spends millions on their car.


As you have read how I have written about the critical role a GPS tracker can play in making your vehicle secure and more efficient in terms of performance, mileage and every aspect. Lastly, considering the price one has to pay for buying a car and then losing it via steal or any internal glitch can be very hard for any vehicle owner. Henceforth, Onelap GPS tracker for car is the perfect solution vehicle needs.

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