5 Reasons Why OneFriends is so Private and Valuable


OneFriends is a popular and top ranking app that connects us with our good friends and true friends. It has users internationally in over 100 countries and is known as a high-end brand that is loved by people of many backgrounds.

The app launched in 2020 for iOS and has been highly regarded and rated since – evidenced by OneFriends’ positive news coverage, really impressive App Store conversion rates and retention rates. OneFriends was founded by Australian entrepreneur Albert Jing who leads the company as Chief Executive Officer with team members in Australia, USA, and Asia. The company is built on the principles of high efficiency, automation and focus on providing long-term value in an area that’s important to a lot of people: genuine friendship.

Today we’ll look at why OneFriends is so unique due to its privacy and real care for users.

1.Minimal user data collected

It’s very clear that OneFriends wants its users to feel that they are valued and not simply a means to an end. The app seems to collect little data and information from users other than the essentials required to use the app’s functions. OneFriends is also an app that does not have cookies and does not track user activity across other sites, apps and platforms. This is all very good for privacy.

2.Non-intrusive push notifications and no marketing outreach at all

Never does OneFriends seem to place its own growth or revenue ahead of what’s best for users. Unlike the countless push notifications sent to our phones asking us to take unnecessary actions that you see with so many other apps, OneFriends does nothing of the sort. Engagement on OneFriends is purely natural. There are no intrusive prompts, no promotional carrots being dangled, and no dopamine-hit addictions. We use OneFriends when we desire to organize an event or activity with one of our good friends. It is simple and perfect like that.

Something else deserving mention here is that OneFriends so far never even asks users through an app prompt to rate their app or write a review (even though if asked we certainly would write a very positive one) – the company seems content in knowing that users benefit from their app and that’s enough.

3.Used only with your real friends and true friends

The very purpose of OneFriends is to be connected with our close friends, real friends and true friends. By only using the app with such a small group of friends for a specific purpose obviously makes friendships better as we commit to interacting in a more meaningful and intentional way. You know exactly who you are interacting with, and it is people you already trust the most. Through the ups and downs of life, being able to regularly see these few close friends and enjoy quality moments together is so valuable.

OneFriends is very unique with its big focus on helping friends see each other in real-life events. This links with the idea that making the effort to meet up with a friend or partake in a get-together or activity means a better quality of communication and interaction. Sure, we are already accustomed to messaging and social media engagement, but for those close and genuine friends (true friends and real friends) we should prioritize being together in real-life every now and then (if not regularly), and OneFriends helps us do this.  The end result over months and years is valuable friendships that have real substance.

4.No news feed, no likes, no follower counts

Using OneFriends means we don’t need to concern ourselves with a lot of white noise and useless information — information that is often negative or designed to trigger some reaction in order to generate views, clicks, purchases etc. This is very beneficial to mental health and to peace of mind. It’s also a bonus that using OneFriends means we don’t need to compare ourselves with others or maintain some kind of artificial appearance. The app is so private and wholesome in this sense, as it completely does away with things like friend counts, follower counts, likes counts. A complete breath of fresh air!

5.No advertisements

Finally, OneFriends doesn’t have any advertisements on the platform and app. Enough said really. Clean and beautiful design is all there is.

Conclusion and Closing Thoughts

Therefore, having looked at the above points, what really makes OneFriends awesome and one of a kind, is its ability to combine all of the points into one elegant app. It strikes the perfect balance between having enough features to deliver on its essential focus of helping make close friendships more meaningful, while leaving out superfluous things that are undesirable to the wellbeing of users.

OneFriends is many things. OneFriends is as much a successful tech company, as it is a social movement for good, as it is a metaphorical diamond that holds its own light, but more importantly reflects the love and light of the true friends using it.