5 Technologies That Will Make Our Roads Safer

Vehicular accidents and traffic problems are the problems in each country that needs to be addressed. To improve road safety, private organizations and especially government sectors are doing their best to ensure everyone is safe on the road.

With the continuous changes in technology, there are newly invented technologies that will make our roads to be safe always.

This article will give you information on 5 technologies that will benefit our drivers and passengers for them to have a safe driving experience on the road.

Automated Emergency Brakes

The most common type of collision is rear-ended crashes and neck injuries are the common injuries when these crashes happen.

To prevent this type of accident, there must be a collision-avoidance system to be used as an automated emergency braking system to minimize the number of injuries and the severity of a collision. These emergency brakes will employ the brakes of the vehicle if the driver fails to take notice of all alerts and warnings.

More advanced and newer systems of this type will try to steer around obstacles if there’s space while the vehicle keeps in the same lane.

At this moment, this is only available in luxury vehicles but most of the automakers in North America agreed and put it into writing to make this automated emergency braking system a standard feature in a passenger vehicle by 2022 of September.


LIDAR or Light Detection and Ranging gun is a tool that will help police officers and traffic law enforcers to catch and detect vehicles that are driving over the speed limit.

This Lidar gun will emit an invisible infrared beam that can target a vehicle and can estimate if it violates the speed limit or not based on the variations shown in the light.

This particular device takes only seconds or less than a minute to estimate the speed of the vehicle and is always accurate.

These guns also measure the distance between two vehicles and they can store and record images of license plate numbers like when the two vehicles are too close that will help in detecting tailgating instances. Lidar guns are widely used by traffic police officers in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

Lane Departure Warnings and Assist Features

Most of the modern vehicles are equipped with a lane departure warning or assist feature. If you are veering out of the lane when driving, lane departure warnings will alert you with lights, beeps, or steering wheel vibration.

Lane prevention or departure assist system will steer the vehicle going back to its right lane. Some systems will only work only when they are being turned on.

Having this lane departure features reduced sideswipe collisions and single-vehicle head-on rates reported to the police.

Speed Indication Display

Speed Indication display is a digital board that will show your vehicle’s speed and is being installed on roads to inform drivers if they are within the speed limit or not. Devices like these have a radar sensor to estimate the vehicle’s speed and display this information in a LED public display.

This will display the real-time speed for each type of vehicle and some displays can snap and store images when there are speeding vehicles. These displays are already being used in the United Kingdom and Singapore.

Blind Spot Warning System

This warning system uses radars for drivers to see if there are vehicles you might miss by glancing on your side mirrors. If vehicles are in your blind spot, this system will alert having a warning light inside or near your side mirrors.

If you will attempt changing lanes and there’s a vehicle in your blind spot, the systems will vibrate the steering wheel of the car.

One way also to alarm drivers is by putting a traffic cone along roads and highways to divert traffic. Traffic cones are also known as construction cones, highway or road cones, safety cones, or channelizing devices are cone-shaped markers are placed on footpaths or rods to temporarily redirect drivers safely.

They are used to merge lanes or to create separation during automobile accidents or road construction projects.

By using all of these new technologies, drivers and passengers are all safe and not at risk of having vehicular accidents. These will help everyone to arrive at each travel destination on time, stress-free, and safe as always.

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