5 Tips For Creating Album Art That Stands Out



Did you know that the expression “Don’t judge a book from its cover” is a common phrase? If so, chances are you’ve judged album art of a band more than once. We are all human.

The truth is that for as important as album art is, it doesn’t get the kind of attention and consideration it deserves. It’s understandable that people want to record an album. However, if you don’t properly prepare for all aspects of a release (including album artwork), it will be much more difficult to make an impact on current and future fans.

You can’t give up on creating beautiful album art. It is not possible to assume that music will be able to carry itself, just as you cannot make it a habit of music being the only high quality thing you produce. A variety of album cover maker online are available to help you create album covers.



We have some tips for you to make sure your next album art grabs the attention of your fans, no matter if you are preparing to release a new record or just getting ready for future releases.

  1. Your Brand Is Your Brand

Your album art should reflect your brand accurately and clearly. When you are still in the brainstorming phase for album art creation, I recommend that you think about who and what you are and how you can communicate this to your fans through one image.

Your album art should be in black and/or white if you are a band that does all of your work in black and/or white. Your album art should reflect the same colors and feel if you are a band that uses colorful geometric shapes in your merchandise and graphics. You can be creative and give fans something new but you should also stay true to your brand.

  1. Consider How You Want Others To Feel

Although it sounds easy, asking yourself what you want people to feel when they see your artwork is a crucial step. There are many color and shape studies that can help you determine what colors to use depending on the mood you’re trying to evoke. But, understanding what you want others feel is the first step.

Do they need to feel passionate? Perhaps red is your favorite color. You might find this sad? Blues, black and white are good options. Are you hopeful? Use yellows, purples and greens. Consider the theme of your brand and the overall feeling of the album. Is it about heartbreak or loss? This will likely be reflected in your imagery.

  1. Consider Your Album Title

Although your art does not necessarily have to match your title, depending on how specific it is and how closely it ties in with the message you are trying to convey, matching your album artwork with that title might be the best option. Consider your brand and the overall feel of the album. Then, tie it into the album title if you think it makes sense. You’ve probably thought a lot about what you want to call this latest work. Using the album artwork to illustrate your message can help to drive home the point and give it new meaning. People respond strongly to imagery.

  1. Outsourcing Is An Option

You or someone you know is a creative genius and can use photoshop, photography or any other skill to create your album art. Taking help from online album cover templates will also streamline the process. Otherwise you shouldn’t skip hiring a professional because you don’t want to spend too much or you will end up with boring album art.

The expenses associated with an album are not limited to the actual recording. You’ll need to budget for everything related to any release. This includes public relations, playing shows and even album art. Before you start recording, create a budget and include a space for album art. It’s easier to plan ahead and avoid surprises when it comes to hiring out.


  1. Include Faces

It may not be appropriate to include images of faces in your album art depending on the brand you have and the vibe you want. Studies over the years have shown that images featuring human faces get more attention. This is an important statistic to remember for all your online interactions, including mailing lists, social media, and email. However, if you feel it would be a good fit for your album artwork, then go for it!

The Final Words:

Art for an album can be incredibly important, but is not always given the attention it deserves. With these mentioned tips, You can create standout album artwork easily.





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