5 Tips to Sell Used Car Online

5 Tips to Sell Used Car Online

Increasing incomes and the availability of a huge number of car models and makes has lead in the boom of used car markets. People are moving from two-wheelers to four-wheelers and therefore if you want to sell cars online, this is the right time for that. The second hand market is expanding in leaps and bounds. The Indian auto industry has entered BS-VI era which means the price of the new cars will increase further. On the other hand, with limited budget, Indian buyers would prefer to look at the second hand market. The seond hand market is getting organized. Online market for automobiles is making news with their huge pool of used cars stock. In FY2018, over 4 million units of second hand cars were sold in India. With decreasing GST rate from 28% to 12-18%, the used car market has received further encouragement.

Sell your used car online

Here is some useful tips to help you sell your used car online:

You can receive a good deal if your car is in a good condition. Buyers are willing to pay prices when the car is spick and span. Clean the car from both inside and outside. Undertake the repairs of any headlights, cracks, dents, dents, and hood parts. Replenish all fluids and make sure the car is ready for delivery.

  • List it properly

To attract the maximum number of buyers, make sure you have listed your car online properly and offered all necessary details and information. Upload at least four high-resolution photos from various angles that showcase the interior and exterior of the car. State the car duration and relevant information including insurance type, vehicle certification, and the total number of car owners.

  • Price it right 

When you sell your car, research across online platforms and car dealers to reach out the right price. Look out for similar listings and note the prices of the cars. It will allow you to quote a greater price for your car and then arrive at the right price depending on the bargaining powers. While bargaining with car buyers, correctly value your car considering the condition of your car. If your car is maintained properly, you can command a good price. You shall get multiple buyers and do not be disheartened when you drive away a few buyers.

  • Insurance, certification, and transfer costs

When your car has insurance, you have to transfer it to the buyer. According to Indian Law, the car cannot drive on Indian roads without having valid insurance. The ownership of a car can be transferred at a low cost and a local RTO can help you with it. Keep in mind that your vehicle has all the necessary certification to get a good price. The primary being the NOC from a local pollution control board. Also, don’t forget the vehicle bill of sale when you buy and sell vehicles.

  • Safety tips to sell your old car

The buyers should come for car inspection at a public place and not at your home or an isolated place. The buyers should inspect your vehicle in front of you. If you are not seated in your car, do not allow the potential buyer to take your car for a test drive. Once you make the payment make sure it is in digital or cash and not a post-dated cheque. Once you accept a cheque, transfer the documents after clearing the amount.

When you sell used car online at Droom, an online marketplace, you are exposed to a large audience. It means more people shall want to buy the car dodge dealer atlanta. Though selling a car online is not easy, however, if you follow these tips, you can easily sell your car like a pro.