5 Ways In Which Intranet Solutions Can Improve Your Business


Intranet is very well known for increasing employee engagement as well as productivity. It drives business growth in a way that a dramatic change can be seen. In the era where technological advances flash and fade, intranet solutions have always been a sustainable one. In this article we will be discussing about the dynamic benefits that intranet brings to businesses by driving productivity, allowing exchange of information and ease in management of projects. It is pleasantly astonishing to see how an intranet solution can boost up a business.

Ways In Which Intranet Brings In Productivity

There are several ways to describe how intranet solutions have come up as a saviour for businesses. Here are five major ways in which intranet brings in productivity for organisations.

Improved Communication

There is no doubt in the fact that the modern intranet system provides and promotes a great level of communication across the organisation. It simply makes that possible by allowing open discussions among teams, letting each of them share their knowledge, creating a connection between leaders and employees and keeping everyone updated with what’s happening. Due to the flow of information through two-way communication, everyone gets to share their comments, feedback and suggestions.

Eliminating Geographical Barriers

An organisation’s intranet connects employees across different locations and time zones. To be more precise, the intranet acts as an online central hub that looks after the company. It’s more of a virtual meeting room where formal and informal conversation takes place, everything is planned and information is exchanged. This way an employee working remotely can have access to the same information as the one going to the office on a daily basis. It is the platform like intranet that makes everything possible.

Strengthened HR

A business intranet can be of great use when it comes to hiring and onboarding employees. It eases the process for HR and provides a satisfactory experience to the newbies too. Intranet is mostly used by companies that want to leverage their current employees by hiring from within. Through several rounds of evaluations and promotions, internal job boards hiring takes place with the help of intranet. Managers use staff profiles to shortlist experts for special tasks. This way the best of hiring is made possible. Once there are new staff members on board, they can access all the necessary information by simply logging into the intranet.

Better Recognition and Retention

Recognition plays a major role when we talk about enhancement, satisfaction and engagement level of an employee. It is a part of work experience that serves employees with what they need. As per the research, recognition doesn’t need to be monetary or excessive every time, it can be as simple as a thankyou. But again there should not be a planned and timed reward. Intranet platforms make all of this easy with features like live feed or peer to peer recognition dashboards.

Facilitates Knowledge Sharing

When it comes to sharing and growing, intranet solutions excel the list. It helps  in building person-to- person connections without even actually making employees meet in person. The professional influencers of an organisation can publish articles and blogs to allow independent learning through the corporate. In this way, a company gets to grow rapidly and learn from each other.


With a powerful intranet structure, an organisation can prevent information overlap, let staff members grow and learn. Intranet is a powerful tool that can result in great employee engagement, internal communication, streamlines processes and much more. But only if you get the right one, you can enjoy all the benefits.

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