5 Wedding DIY Projects That Are Actually Worth Doing

Wedding DIY Projects

It can be difficult to put together a wedding on a budget, especially when many DIY projects eventually cost even more than having someone else make them for you. If you’re a crafty person who enjoys shopping sales and learning new skills, you might be able to actually save yourself some money. Just make sure you have the time and extra hands if you need them. If you’re determined to handle some DIY wedding projects yourself, here are the ones that are actually worth doing.

  • Paper Goods

Invitations alone can cost hundreds of dollars, and that’s before you get into any fancy additions like flowers and wax seals. Brides who enjoy utilizing their large stores of craft supplies and making the same thing over and over probably won’t mind making their invitations. If you’ve never dabbled with papercraft before, or you have a large guest list, you might want to reconsider. You should also ask yourself, “how many people should I invite to my wedding?” Designing things like invitations, programs, and other paper goods can save you a lot, and pre-made designs are very affordable, but nice paper and other accessories add up quickly.

  • Flowers

Fresh flowers cost thousands, and while they look beautiful, they’re quickly becoming unrealistic for many couples. There are a couple of ways you can DIY this project. Some people who enjoy gardening are growing their wedding flowers themselves. If you decide to go this route, make sure you’ve got a couple of years, since you’ll want at least one growing season to practice. The date of your wedding and your location will determine what types of flowers you can grow. If growing flowers doesn’t appeal to you, you can buy fake flowers in bulk and on sale. There are plenty of videos you can watch to learn the basics of floral arranging, and in pictures it’s often difficult to tell the blooms are fake. Making bouquets is also a great activity for the bridal party to do before the wedding.

  • Favors

Many guests don’t remember all of the wedding favors they’ve received over the years, so really think about whether you want to spend time and money creating something that’s just going to get thrown out, or even left at the table at the end of the night. You can create some simple and heartfelt favors on your own, or you can decide to make a monetary donation to a cause that’s important to you. Things like baked goods or other consumables tend to get used, but everyone has a drawer full of beer koozies that are just collecting dust. For a more personal touch, try thrifting used books or vintage glasses that guests can take home.

  • Centerpieces

You don’t have to be restricted to just flowers for centerpieces anymore! You can create lovely and dynamic centerpieces from books, photo frames, and more. Look to your hobbies and activities you’ve done as a couple for inspiration. You can start planning this project early, but you should probably wait to buy all the supplies and finish making the pieces until you have a better idea of your guest list. You don’t want to wrap up the project only to learn that you’re one short!

  • Backdrops

The right backdrops can freshen up any venue, and they make your photos pop. Your venue might have some you can choose from, or you can rent pieces and curate a display with items from your craft stores to create something truly unique. If you’ve settled on a theme, chances are the items you bought for centerpieces and floral arrangements can also be used in your backdrops for a cohesive look.

Even small weddings have gotten expensive, but there are still ways to save money if you’re clever. A good crafter knows when projects are too expensive to do alone, so as long as you stick to your budget and plan early, you can save some money and enjoy a beautiful wedding day crafted with your own two hands.