6 Proven Tips to Garner More Instagram Followers for Your Travel Company

With a huge number of stunning visuals and people connecting with businesses, the prospects for your travel company seem promising if you manage to build a considerable Instagram following and promote your travel services to your targeted audience. The key to the success of building more followers starts with the posting of some spectacular travel content, especially pristine beaches, splendid sunsets, snow-capped mountains, serene lakes, historical forts, amazing food, and more.

According to an article published on, the best way to take stunning Instagram photos is smart photography. Focus on the mood that you wish to communicate through your visual and then choose a filter or app to enhance the quality of that picture.

When you have some of the best travel photos and videos and an Instagram profile built, you can expect to increase the number of your followers in less time. Here are some proven tips to garner more Instagram followers for your travel agency:

  1. Publish stunning content

When it comes to stunning content sharing, especially images and videos, they are crucial to gain more IG followers. Instagram is a visual social media site and you need to wow your audience with spectacular visuals.

Make the most out of IG’s image editing tools to enhance your photos and video clips. When you have a travel business to promote, it is best to hire a professional photographer to post promotional images and videos of your travel services. Make sure you geo-tag the location of all visuals because it is a searchable aspect like Instagram hashtags.

You need to give your tour or travel guides on the ground a first-rate camera or smartphone to take awesome shots and create interesting stories. Create the travel experience for your existing and potential customers through Instagram photos so that people can see themselves exploring sandy beaches, verdant forests, hidden caves, and more through the visuals.

  1. Reap the maximum benefits out of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to interact with your followers. Besides, the stories feature gives your audience a little detailed insight into your travel business. Use stories to create an engaging short video of travel destinations. Add a short commentary on what your customers should expect from your upcoming trips to exotic locations.

You can use the stories feature to build user engagement and allow the spirit of your travel business to shine through. Stories will help your followers learn more about you and your travel agency in less time. When you leverage the stories feature, your business will grow more popular each time your posts get comments on Instagram.

  1. Build an IG take-over campaign

You can request a guest blogger, client, or for that matter, an influencer to take over your IG profile for a specific period to share several Instagram posts that emphasize mainly your travel services.

The whole idea is for an individual to share his or her experience using your travel services on Instagram. It will create user interest and more IG followers for your business. The key focus on your travel-based services and offerings would give your prospective clients and existing followers a real look at your travel products beyond the typical sales flyer or brochure text.

  1. Share client content

You can use your client’s images and videos after taking their due permission. Focus on your hashtag campaigns to determine what images your customers are publishing and then choose as well as share their content with proper accreditation to your IG profile for product or service promotion.

It is identical to the take-over campaign in the sense that the images give your followers an idea of your travel-based services and offerings. Instagram content that displays your business values and optimistically highlights your travel services are worth posting and sharing.

  1. Build user engagement with your followers

Every person likes recognition and therefore, you need to win the confidence of your Instagram followers by commenting on their IG posts. Ensure that you answer all questions related to travel services, deals, or offerings. In simple words, being responsive works wonders to grow more followers and build engagement.

Your audience would love to know that there is a human face behind your travel agency and therefore, building engagement works towards your benefit when your company becomes relatable and personable to your existing and potential followers.

  1. Face negative comments

Just as you react to positive comments, do the same, when it comes to negative user comments. It is also imperative to address the negative posts you receive on IG in an open, sympathetic way. Instagram is huge and so you need to be a little proactive when it comes to responses to user comments.


When you spend some time, energy, and effort to create stunning Instagram content and reach out to more people, you can increase your follower count on IG. Stunning visuals and engaging posts will help you promote your travel services.