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6 Strategies for Better Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

If you’re a small business owner today, it’s fair to assume you have a digital marketing plan. If not, this is the time to start learning. There’s no single perfect way to do digital marketing. However, some strategies are emerging as essential in our increasingly networked marketplace. Here are six tactics any business owner can use to improve their marketing plan.

  1. Have the Right Tech

Digital marketing differs from traditional marketing by putting technology at the forefront. Customer relationship management (CRM) software and similar automated tools are all but essential, but they’re only the beginning. Project management software can replace physical conference rooms to a large degree. Natural language processing (NLP) advancements are powering a new generation of conversational chatbots. These tools can help enhance the reach and impact of your sales teams. Research the broad array of new sales software available on the market and learn what fits your company’s needs.

  1. Conduct Market Analysis

Market analysis means assessing the dynamics of your target audience. This means honing in on one specific market within your industry. In a way, this is similar to niche marketing. Market segmentation is crucial to good market analysis. The reason for this is that the distinctiveness of your offerings is what will get consumers interested. Statistics like market size, growth rate, and profitability are a gold mine regarding future planning. The real goal is to develop what is known as a “SWOT analysis.” SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. By understanding your business in the context of the broader marketplace, you can position yourself for expansion.

  1. Optimize Your Landing Page

Having a winning web presence starts with your landing page. Unfortunately, many companies settle for outdated websites, thinking it isn’t that important. Having an obsolete web presence is a mistake that can damage your credibility in the eyes of consumers. Learning the science of web development is critical. Certain colors and text layout patterns can automatically convey an impression of legitimacy to viewers. Learn these psychological truths and use them to augment your online presence.

  1. Focus on Content Creation

The core of any modern digital marketing strategy is content creation. Few people trust traditional advertisements, so focus on creating fascinating content on your company’s blogs and social media sites. Search engine optimization (SEO) is often an integral component of content marketing. Search engines utilize sophisticated algorithms that look for specific keywords. The search engines give content containing these words a higher ranking in search results. Knowing which keywords can get your content noticed can make all the difference. Unless you’re an expert on the shifting landscape of search engine algorithms, consider hiring an SEO service to optimize your content.

  1. Build Word-of-Mouth Brand Recognition

A recent survey found that 82% of consumers either purchased or considered purchasing after seeing a friend, family member, or influencer post about the product. The line between “friend” and “influencer” can be blurry. Consider: The same study revealed that only 20% of consumers prefer celebrity influencers to random content creators. Influencer marketing works, but it works best when you partner with influencers who are considered authentic by their audience and yours. This means learning who your particular niche trusts and why.

  1. Try Affiliate Marketing

Another powerful way to leverage this individualized approach is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time, but digital channels can augment the effectiveness of this strategy. Affiliates can promote your products via text messages, links, or banner ads. This is often known as a “pay per click” (PPC) advertisement. Affiliates typically work on commission, which costs money, but the method is effective. Business Insider recently found that around 15% of e-commerce revenue results from affiliate marketing strategies. Consider the power of outsourcing your ad campaigns this way.

A solid digital marketing plan is critical to success in the modern market. Keep these tips handy when making your marketing plans this quarter.


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