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6 Tips to Edit your Video like a pro

Video editing

Every day, there are so many videos shared by users on their social media accounts and are also used professionally for different purposes. Undoubtedly, you want your follower’s focus on yourvideos in the midst of all these other clips and videos. Do you know, what will attract users to your editing? A perfect Video Editing!Have you any idea that what a perfect Video is?You would have probably notice that several accounts have something in common: attractive video that catch your attention. In captivating video must have good composition, lighting, colors, effects, framing, music, graphics etc.

Are you not a video editing expert or professional video editor?And have no idea to start editing.Mac users don’t need to be a professional editor to edit video like a pro. Here, we are discussing about 6 besttips for Video editing mac user to edit videos / Clips. Firstly, you have to start with a quality shot, chose your filter, adjust the lux & other settings etc.So, are you ready to learn, how to edit videos to grow your social following.

6 Tips to edit your Video like a pro

  1. Start with a quality shot…
  2. Use strong shapes, color, and lines…
  3. Ensure proper lighting…
  4. Use editing apps to get the desired result…
  5. Focus on minor edits…
  6. Add effects or filters of your choice…

1.Start with a quality shot

For making a great video, video editing mac users have the best shortcut that starts with a quality shot. You must try shooting in natural light and take lots of quality shots. You have so many choices like this.

If you are shooting in dim light, close up, or outdoor portraits then HDR mode on your smartphone camera is your friend. You have limited time and need some inspirational shots, try customizing stock of shots. It can be a smart option for those brands that don’t have physical products for releasing and it’s the best choice for smaller companies who don’t have a budget for professional shots.

2.Perfect Framing –

The best way to get the attention of your followers, you should focus on mainobject that appears large in your frame. Try to express your emotions via videos. If you are an amateur photographer and want to add perfect framing, then you no need to worry. Wondershare Filmora Version 10.2 has large number of new features and one of them is Auto-Reframe Feature. This highly advanced ecology feature detects automatically that what is not necessary in your clip and crop that. So must use this feature to give your video a fantastic touch.

  1. Ensure proper lighting –

Always remember that lighting is the key in shots. Firstly, you need to make sure that the lighting in your clips is proper. A clip that has poor lighting, any type of shooting, no amount of editing or filters can save that clip. If possible, choose natural light and avoid artificial light. If you are outdoors, early mornings and late afternoons are the best times for your photo-shoots. During these times, the natural lights are beautiful which really improves the quality of your product shots.

4.Use editing apps to get the desired result

If you are not a professional editorand editing expert, you have an option to use apps and tools. With the help of these apps, you can get good effects on your videos. In these apps, you will find so many tools which can help you to enhance the quality, look and overall impact of your videos.At this point we would like to suggest you reliable video editing software – Wondershare Filmora. Currently, Wondershare Filmora Version 10.2 has released with new and amazing features. For all macOS Users, WondershareFilmora Version 10.2 brings a brand new feature as an Auto reframe feature along with other features such re instant cutter tool, fresh split-screen templates for Instagram and direct importing from photo libraries

  1. Focus on minor edits

Several times, videoediting mac users tend to over-edit their clips but they don’t know that this over-editing can make your work unappealing. So, you should do the basic editing because it can also improve the quality of your video. Do you know basic video editing? Basic editing includes shadows, warmth, adjustments with contrast and highlights. Sometimes, you can also adjust the brightness at the edge of your clips. Always remember to focus on minor and basic edits. After that, you can match the original video with the edited one to check how the current one looks. If you want to use splits effects then must try Split screen templates feature of Filmora V10.2 which have ideal templates for social media platforms.

6.Add effects or filters of your choice

There are so many effects or filters to help video editors for mac for improving the quality of your video. With these creative effects and filters, you can attract your audience.  You can use different filters to brighten foregrounds and darken skies using gradient filters. For getting a retro look in your video, you can use vignette filters. Always remember not to use filters to their full intensity. Sometimes less is more.

Which is your favorite trick?

Post perfect video like a pro using the tips and tricks mentioned above and make your videos more engaging and captivating. If you are a marketer by profession and you need to develop or shoot several videos to promote a product, then you can also edit your videos according to mobile users, as mobile marketing plays a crucial role in businesses these days. However, at the time of posting the perfect videos try to add interactive, interesting and engaging hash-tags.To trigger more likes and comments on your videosensure to use engaging captions or ask a question or add a strong call to action.

We Hope!!! Now you get how to edit videos like a pro. By using few apps like Wondershare Filmora you can refine your videos.With the help of above stated tips, can create an inspiring and engaging presence. Trust us—your followers will notice.

Guys!!! Don’t forget to write us. Here!!! We will provide you the best solution of your queries. Remember that unique and original content will always win, so stay true to your inner-artist’s eye. We have more stuff for video editing mac users, audio editing mac users, video editing mac users, so also checkout them to boost your skill.

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