7 Benefits of Using PDFs as opposed to Word documents

Several file formats are in existence, but PDF is among the most popular alternatives. The fact that PDF is universal makes it usable in diverse platforms such as Windows, Mac, and iOS among others. This is not the case with Word, which doesn’t open on Mac systems.

Here are 7 benefits that PDF offers as opposed to Microsoft Word.

  1. PDF is universal

Word is mostly used by anyone who wants to author a document before it’s converted to other formats that include PDF. But the problem with the word is that the style, as well as the formatting of the document, is lost immediately it’s transferred to another file format. No matter the processing software that is used to open a PDF, the document will remain in its original form.

  1. PDFs are secure

The number of online attacks and document interceptions that take place today is many. Software that includes PDFelement can be used to password protect your document before sending it over the web, and this makes it hard for those who intercept it to open. Many users in the business and also in academia use PDF to transmit their files without worrying about its security. However, this is not the case with Word because anyone who gets access to it can edit and alter its contents.

  1. PDFs are easy to create

Different file formats can be converted to PDF with minimal challenges. PowerPoint, Excel, and MS Word can be converted to PDF, and also converted back to their original formats again if there is a need. By using PDF mail merge, several documents can also be put together to create one document.

  1. PDF compresses the size of the file

PDF is a high-quality file format that can compress the original size of a file without losing its original attributes. Large files that could otherwise pose a challenge while sending to your contacts can be compressed by changing it to PDF format.

  1. With PDF, you can add interactive elements

The premium version of PDFelement allows you to add some fantastic features such as music, rich media, and hyperlinks to your PDF file, without having to convert it back to Word and other original file formats. This file format is also printer-friendly, so you can print the original file in its right format anywhere in the world.

  1. PDFs allows for mobile access

People on the move will always want to access their documents on their mobile devices. PDF is among the file formats that you can access from your desktop, phone, or tablet. It’s an amazing choice for professionals who are always on the move.

  1. PDFs are searchable

PDF documents interact just like real web pages and can have hyperlinks, bookmarks, and more. Also, you can open it online without opening it. This file format is the best when it comes to transmitting legal documents, memos, and commercial documents, just to name a few. With the correct SEO practices, you can make your PDF documents searchable on search engines like Google.


There is no doubt that PDF is better than Word in many ways. From being versatile to allowing for superior cyber protection, this file format continues to be the top choice for students, business people, and lawyers. Its ease of use and mobile accessibility are among the reasons why PDF is better than Word.