7 Best Tools to Edit a PDF File Anywhere

Best Tools to Edit a PDF File

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We are all working in a new normal, but some things like organization and documentation are still very familiar but with a modern twist. While PDFs are used often in the office setting, many people are now working remotely and need to be able to edit and manage PDFs while on the go. To better be able to do this, they need to have a PDF editor with the correct tools to do what they are required to do. This is true if you are working as a teacher and want the best PDFdrive and PDF editor for your students, or as a business owner who wants the best PDF editor for your business/employees. PDF editors come with many tools, and there are too many to list here but there are some key tools that can help people succeed while working on the go. Here are seven of the best tools to edit a PDF anywhere.

1.Editor – When working on a PDF document the most obvious and important tool needed is the ability to edit the document. Editing a document means writing directly onto the PDF. This could be filling in a fillable document, writing a report, or giving the details on a new client. Whatever you wish to write onto the PDF, it is essential that you use some sort of online PDF editor or PDF editing software. Many people like to edit PDFs and add the information they need while others prefer to write with a word processor like Word then convert the document to a PDF later. For this, they would need a PDF converter. There are many PDF editors available but some of the more well-known ones are Lumin PDF and Adobe Acrobat.

2.Converter – Sometimes we want a certain document to be converted into a PDF. For example, if we have an Excel spreadsheet we need to make it into a PDF for a presentation. We need to use a PDF converter. This comes in handy in several ways. Often a large project or research needs to incorporate many different document types. There is no other way to put them together though in their own file types. This is where the converter comes in. PDF conversion is very easy, usually, there will be an option in the PDF editing application or sometimes PDF editing websites will have a page special for document conversions.

3.Compressor – As mentioned above, there are times when working that we might need to put together a larger-scale project. This can be research for an academic institution, a proposal for a business/client, or a business plan for a future business project. When we want to make a large PDF that includes a lot of data, images, and text, the file can become very big. This can make the PDF very difficult to share with others. It can take a long time or may not be possible to send a PDF that is for example a rough draft of a future book. So, to make the file smaller and more easily sent to others, there are PDF compressors. Compressors take the file and make it smaller so it can be sent and received with ease.

Best Tools to Edit a PDF File

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4.PDF Merger/Splitter – When creating a PDF document from other documents, one tool you can use is a PDF merger. A PDF merger does what its name suggests, which is to take two or more PDFs and merge them into a single new document that can then be saved. In addition to the PDF merger tool, there is also the ability to split PDFs. The split PDF tool allows you to separate one part of the document from the rest of it. There could be a key page from a contract or a page from a book. This means there is no need to send an entire giant PDF for just one page or even part of a page. The Merge/split tool is a key aspect of PDF management and creating documents for work or school.

5.Encryption – Keeping our data safe has become more and more important as cyber-crime has increased. This is especially true in a more remote world where more of our information is stored online. This is why the encryption tool is a great feature offered by PDF editors. Encryption works as a safeguard making sure only you, your coworkers, or your students see your work if you are in the educational sphere. Using this tool will help you to not worry about the security of the document, so you can focus on the quality of it.

6.Watermark – While it is important to keep your documents safe and secure from people who are not otherwise authorized to see your work, what about projects or documents that are public? There are times when we want to protect and show ownership of a document so it cannot be reproduced and claimed by another party. For this PDF editors offer the ability to watermark your work. A watermark is a virtual stamp showing ownership of a document and cannot be easily removed. This is a great way to safeguard against potential copyright infringements.

7.E-sign – Lastly, a great tool offered by online PDF editors and PDF editing software is the ability to e-sign or virtually sign a document. This allows the user to sign a contract or form then send it as a valid and signed document. As many of us are working remotely, it is not always possible to sign things in person but having the ability to sign something virtually removes this obstacle and allows business to continue as normal. E-signing is a secure and efficient way to complete an official document.

Working with PDF editors allows you to accomplish a lot from anywhere. The best part about all of these tools is that you can use them from wherever you are. You can be in your office on your computer, at home on your mobile, or taking part in a virtual classroom. PDF editing tools are a great asset in the remote world of today.

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