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7 Features to Look for In Choosing Wiki Software in 2022

Throughout the years, there has been different software that you can use to collaborate with others online. This is a new age, so wiki software allows you to have everything your staff may need to know about your company in just one click of a button. 

Working with the best wiki software for you would help you with all of that. If you are looking for the right wiki software for you and your company, here are 7 features to look for in choosing wiki software in 2022.

What is Wiki Software?

Wiki software is software that would allow people to create and edit information online, which you could then easily share information about your company to your employees and even clients. 

This is where users would easily be able to pull out information that they may need without having to rummage through different papers since everything you ever need to know about the company is in one place already. 

Features to look for in choosing wiki software in 2022

  • User management

Get software that would allow you to add, edit, and delete users. A software that would be able to give you the controls on who the roles are assigned to and permissions of the users that would be able to help with the management of the members.

  • Customizing options

Being able to customize your page and actually make it your own is something you could do since the page is something that would be accessible across the world, meaning that your page would be discovered by different people who speak different languages. 

So you have to make sure that they will be able to understand your page no matter which part of the globe they are on.

  • Search functionality

Having a search bar in your wiki would be able to help the people visiting your page easily find the information that they are looking for right away. 

You have to look for software that has a search bar, allowing the people visiting to get information that they need easily and without a problem.

  • Insightful reports

Having your own wiki is not something that you could do just once, it’s a continuous process. You need to be on top of the data the software is providing. This includes reports and analysis of how your wiki is doing or if your articles are doing well. 

  • Device compatibility

Your wiki needs to be compatible with any kind of electronic device since a lot of people have been using their phones to search things up. But you should also not just focus on making it compatible with phones, you have to make sure that your wiki would be able to adjust no matter how big or small the screen is while not jeopardizing the experience of the user.

  • Authoring

When you are looking for the perfect wifi software, you have to look for the online text editor.

Microsoft Word is a great option that you could do since it is known as a benchmark in the writing and text editing world. So when you are looking for an editor, look for one that is close to how MS Word works. An editor that could offer you different styling and formatting options.

  • Branding

Get you a wiki software that would be able to reflect the main theme of your company as part of your branding. 

If you want to stand out from the rest, you need to make sure that your wiki has your own identity, character, and actually bring it to life because no matter how much your wiki has valuable content, if it is lifeless, then no one would be interested to look at.

You could look at fonts and themes that you could apply on your page that would come across as professional and elegant. You would not want to overcrowd your page and make it look overwhelming. You could still add a small minimalistic look to it.


What is the Benefit of Having Wiki Software?

Having wiki software has a lot of benefits, including having the support employee decision making, would allow you to automatically sort you through all of your business information and documents, improve customer service, help provide information to organized departments, and it has easy-to-use interfaces.

Why is Wiki Important to Business?

Wiki is important, especially when you have a business because it can serve as a hard drive of your company. It could help keep up with your business in general. 

From your expertise, how you were formed, enabling employees, and your data. Everything you need and want to know is found in one place, making it easier for people to know about your company.

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