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7 Most Brilliant E-commerce Marketing Tips to Boost Sales

Optimise for mobile 

Today’s e-commerce marketplace has transformed significantly. Consumers are the key drivers of this change. Technological interventions and extensive availability of information have changed consumer buying patterns. The modern-day consumer will research information online and compare the available options before making a purchase. 

Catering to such tech-savvy consumers requires e-commerce businesses to up their marketing game. The rapid evolution of digital marketing has widened the scope for these businesses even further. Hence, they must implement effective digital marketing techniques to get a competitive edge in the modern marketplace. If you are looking for ways to enhance your e-commerce marketing strategies, we have compiled a list of seven smart e-commerce marketing tips for you. Let’s delve right into it! 

Focus on Abandoned Carts 

The best way to bridge the gap between a purchase and a lost customer is to focus on abandoned carts. For e-commerce businesses, cart abandonment can be severely frustrating. And numerous reasons can contribute to cart abandonment. Be it minute things like longer page loading time to issues like hidden charges, a change of mind, and the list goes on! Thus, identifying these reasons and fixing them is an essential aspect of your e-commerce marketing. 

A simple step like sending polite reminders through mailers can be beneficial in dealing with the cart abandonment issue. You can also give them discounts or offers to encourage the completion of the buying process. Furthermore, making your website user-friendly, ensuring an easy checkout process, and providing proper validations on your websites can be a few ways to deal with cart abandonment effectively. 

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Personalise your emails 

A majority of individuals access their emails for some reason or another. So, email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most impactful aspects of digital marketing. Despite being a very effective technique, not all emails are welcomed in the users’ inboxes. The best way to ensure that your emails reach the right audience and serve their purpose is to personalise them. In the age of automation, you can still be careful about your email list and the communication you send to each recipient. This can help build trust and increase your brand recall in the minds of your customers. Furthermore, it can help them stay updated with your latest offerings and access any offers or discounts you send them. That way, you build lasting relationships with your customers and convert them into your brand advocates. 

Integrate live chat on the online store 

Time and again, we have seen the importance of personalisation. Be it in your website copy, email communications, or even your social media campaigns; personalisation is the key. And integrating a live chat option on your online store is a step in that direction. Through live chat options, your customers can get their product-related questions answered before making a purchase. You can also leverage this opportunity to provide more details about your products to your customers, including features, benefits, offers, etc. The live chat option can be used smartly for visitors who have spent a certain amount of time on the website but haven’t taken any action. It can also help improve the overall customer experience.  

Optimise for mobile 

A brilliant, interactive, engaging e-commerce website can still fail if it’s not optimised for mobile users. Today, most users consume content and access brand websites through their mobiles. So, the websites that take forever to load on mobiles or aren’t responsive or mobile-friendly, in general, might face more considerable drop-offs. Thus, having a mobile-friendly website is inevitable for your e-commerce business. Some ways of making your website mobile-friendly are to ensure that your site loads quickly, has appropriate image resolutions, font size, and a simplified buying process.  

Leverage social media 

Social media heavily influences modern-day customers. They closely follow social media trends, influencers, posts by famous brands, etc. So, if you own an e-commerce business, you can’t miss out on leveraging social media for brand promotion. It’s, in fact, the best place to engage and nurture your customers and provide interesting content to them. The things to keep in mind while using social media for your business are to have appealing visuals, create original content, keep your products in focus, but also generate content that will engage your audience.  

Upsell and cross-sell 

In your e-commerce business, the products keep upgrading, some features might change, or there might be better alternatives to certain products. But how will your customers know about these changes or upgrades? The answer is through upselling and cross-selling. Often, a buyer will be accustomed to buying a particular product, but if given a choice, they might even opt for the upgraded version. This might not just enhance their experience but also increase your revenue. One way to upsell or cross-sell is by providing personalised recommendations to users. The more personalised these recommendations are, the greater chances are for users to buy them.  

Reward loyal customers 

For e-commerce businesses, loyal customers are like gems. They not only keep giving you business but also advocate your brand to others. Making these customers feel special is thus important to encourage them to keep shopping with you. You can do this by offering reward points, special gift vouchers, discounts, etc. 

Final thoughts

Running a successful e-commerce business might be difficult, especially in this extremely competitive digital world. But using these strategies can help take your business to the next level. You can further strengthen your marketing game by partnering with a leading digital e-commerce marketing agency like Amura Marketing Technologies. 

Amura, through its full-funnel marketing and data-driven MarTech solutions, has helped many leading e-commerce businesses upscale and boost their revenue digitally. So, are you ready to take your digital marketing game to the next level with Amura? Get in touch with us today!