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7 Text Messaging Tools No Business Should Be Without

The way you communicate is one of the essential considerations if you are running a business. You will think of how to communicate with customers, employees as well as suppliers effectively.

An effective communication method has a positive effect on your business. You will increase your sales, improve your brand perception, and communicate with essential stakeholders whenever needed.

Text messaging

Text Messaging for Businesses

Currently, in the business world, business texting is increasingly becoming a popular communication method. For this reason, it is more manageable to receive and send code via SMS by the use of a messaging application. Your clients can make purchases, contact customer support, share feedback and make inquiries about particular items.

Text messaging tools are popular because nowadays, most consumers use mobile phones.

Functions of text messaging tools                                                                                         

Text messaging applications allow communication between the various stakeholders involved with a company. Business messaging applications are specifically tailored to enhance communication within and outside the company. The top applications support communication between both individuals and teams. Different platforms offer varying features. Some of the primary functions of these tools include the following.

  • Automation 

You will be able to send automated alerts to numerous contacts simultaneously. Also, you can send automated responses to particular queries.

  • Text Message Management 

You can create, send, modify or delete messages with ease. Some applications allow bulk messages. A shared inbox enables different individuals to share news in one place.

  • Address Book 

You will find this feature helpful in the storage and importation of essential contacts. You are allowed to organize the contacts into lists and send specific messages for each list.

  •  Cross-platform 

A good messaging application that works smoothly across various platforms. You can run them on smartphones powered by Android or iOS and on desktops, too, without any glitch.

Before you settle on a particular platform, ensure that it meets all the above factors. There is a wide array of options for you to choose from. The following are some of the most popular.

  • Skipio

You will find Skipio to be a highly effective platform mainly for business marketing purposes. Skip will help you foster a stronger relationship between your business and your customers. While using the latest technological advances, the platform maintains human interaction at the center of the communication process. Some of the features at your disposal include.

  •  Analytics
  • Campaign manager
  •  Keywords
  • Traceable links
  • Ringless voicemail

Also, it provides a customizable individual messaging service.

  • Pony Express HQ

Pony Express HQ allows organizations or businesses to receive and send text messages and MMS graphic images online. You can effectively and quickly send notifications, share updates and engage a large group through the bulk SMS option. You will find this platform easy to use since it was designed for people without technical knowledge. The prices for this platform are pocket-friendly.

  • TextUs

On this platform, you will be able to text and manage the texts from your computer. You are also able to add texting to your CRM workflow. You have easy-to-use features, thus speeding up the communication process. The features include conversation claiming, message templates, and message delivery status.

  • SendHub

In SendHub, you will find a simple, automatic business SMS messaging platform. SendHub incorporates a powerful and flexible API made up of SMS, group messages, shortcode, and MMS. Your contact database provides a good platform for managing your contacts for streamlining and sending. Also, expect custom SMS solutions and two-way messaging.

  • Single

When you use single, expect growth in revenue, improved communication with clients, and improved customer satisfaction. You are offered features such as a web-based portal that manages all your customer message communications. You will also be able to set up automated message flows and use the platform’s robust reporting to track and maximize performance.

  • TextMarks

This platform is popular because it generates leads and provides information on demand. You can engage and retain your clients through SMS marketing. Mass texting allows you to send reminders and news updates to all your subscribers. The most beneficial aspect of this platform is that you can instantly reply by text with links or information.

  • Text Local

Text Local utilizes bulk SMS to provide an excellent platform for optimizing communication and enhancing customer experience. The security of the platform is guaranteed since it is hosted in a secure and robust data center.

Text messaging

For your business to move on to the next chapter, you need to have a reliable business text messaging service. Pick a platform that perfectly suits the needs of your company. Examine your external and internal communications needs. The platform should be reliable, easy to use, and manage. Using a text messaging platform is of the best decisions you can make for your company or organization.

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