7 Things To Know To Buy A Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses

If you are looking to buy a new pair of sunglasses or want to add more pairs to your collection, you have arrived at the right place. When it comes to an accessory like sunglasses that is essential both for your health and style, making an informed purchase becomes very important. No need to worry as I am here to help you out with a buyer’s guide for sunglasses.

Last year, when I went over the internet to buy sunglasses for men, it was these considerations that helped me make a smart purchase. I bought a super stylish pair of aviator sunglasses at pocket-friendly prices and these pairs are doing great, both for their function and style.

Read on to know about what you must know before you proceed with your purchase of sunglasses.

Online Sunglasses

In this digital era, sunglasses are selling over the internet at a massive scale. Apart from the time-saving and super convenient shopping experience, there are many other benefits associated with buying sunglasses online. 

Talking about the collection, you will find sunglasses of all styles and types when you look for them over the internet. Although the collection is spread over multiple sites, arriving at your ideal pair won’t take much time as they are available at just a few clicks of the mouse. Also, these sites come with features such as sort & filter that improve their navigability. 

You can also make incredible savings by shopping for online sunglasses as you can find good quality pairs at pocket-friendly prices. You can also avail the amazing offers that are frequently provided over these sites.

Choie Of Tints

While buying sunglasses, you will be provided with a range of options when it comes to the tints to complement your lenses with. You don’t have to be confused with the choice that you need to make as all of them are equally effective in providing UV protection. Hence, the only consideration that you need to make is your style preferences and choose the one that suits your definition of style.

100% UV Protection

It is recommended that you don’t settle for anything other than 100% UV protective lenses when buying sunglasses online. When you have decided to take care of your eyes from the harms associated with UV rays exposure, why not do it in the best possible manner? 

A 100% UV protection means protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Do look out for this while buying your sunnies.

Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are ideal outdoor eyewear options in sunny conditions for those who require eyesight correction. Apart from an UV protective coating, these lenses are also customised as per the wearer’s prescription.

If you are someone who wears prescription glasses, don’t forget to take them off and put on a pair of prescription sunglasses when you step outdoors during the day time. 

Transition Lenses

You must know about transition lenses before moving ahead with the purchase of sunglasses. Transition lenses serve the dual function of both glasses and sunglasses because they are made to be sensitive to UV rays by applying a coating of photochromic dye over their surface. 

These lenses are fully clear when indoors, but on coming in contact with UV rays of the sun, their UV protective function gets activated and the lenses start to darken. They return to a fully clear state immediately when indoors. 

If you opt for transition lenses while buying your sunglasses, you will get rid of the need to switch between glasses and sunglasses as these 2-in-1 lenses will serve both. 

Protection From Glare

Certain types of lenses used in sunglasses also provide protection from glare, apart from UV protection. When you are outdoors in sunny conditions, glare is a common occurrence, which can hinder your ability to see clearly. For protection from glare, you can try out variants such as polarised and mirrored sunglasses.

With the help of a filter applied over their lenses, polarised sunglasses filter out the horizontally reflected light rays that are responsible for causing glare, thereby eliminating the occurrence of glare.

Talking about mirrored sunglasses, a thin mirror-like metallic layer is used over their lenses to serve the function of glare protection. Although these pairs look opaque when seen from outside, sufficient light is allowed entry so that the wearer can see things clearly. 

Reglaze Glasses

The reglaze glasses service is an affordable way to get an upgrade to sunglasses if you already own an existing pair of glasses. You can style the frame of your existing glasses as sunglasses too by sending them for reglazing, as in this process, your clear lenses will be replaced with that of tinted ones of sunglasses.

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