7 Things You Should Know Before Moving to  Africa

Moving to  Africa

7 Things You Should Know Before Moving to  Africa

If you are originally from Europe or the United States of America and have decided to move to South Africa, you must read this article. We all know that there is a difference in the level of culture within each continent. This is very normal. After all, diversity makes the world interesting, doesn’t it? Moving to South Africa is a brave decision, but it will be worth it, especially if you want to experience a new culture and see a high perspective on the world. However, be sure that you take with you in your luggage some knowledge of the details of what it means to understand in South Africa as well.

English is a must if you don’t speak African languages

In South Africa English is a very common language, used in making business, in politics or in administration life. So if you have a conversational level of English, you’ll be fine.

2 Keep the security level up

When going to another country, you’ll face challenges, such as the safety challenge. South Africa is mainly a safe country. But you still need to take care of your own belongings. Tourists also say that the risk of getting scammed by phone is high. Therefore they said they used who called me from this number South Africa  in order to check any unknown number that has called them. They found out the identity of the mean caller before answering the call. The option to block the unwanted calls is at your hand if you want to use it and stay away of getting scammed.

3 Discover the African culture and act like an African

If you want to adapt faster to a new culture, learn the African lifestyle and the cultural differences. Give your best to act like them and you’ll surely get included in African groups very soon.

4 Live well for lower costs

You will fastly notice that life is less expensive in South Africa when it comes to food, clothes, or transport. If you have the opportunity of a well-paid workplace and if you can benefit of a good salary, then you’ll notice how your economies grow. South Africa is a place where you can live well for less money. Enjoy that!

5 Religion is tabu

Don’t speak about your personal beliefs as someone who is trying to convince others that you’re doing better than others.

6 The “African” sun is shining for real

If you’re not used to strong sunshine, you’ll need to pay attention to sun protection. Make sure you take cream with +50 SPF in your luggage and apply it every morning or when you go out.

7 Enjoy the nature

If you are a nature lover, then South Africa is a place you must experience. Wild animals and landscapes wait to be discovered.  Don’t forget to enjoy the journey and to take the best of South Africa. You can make this experience amazing.