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8 Actionable SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2020

The speed at which SEO strategies, as well as their effectiveness, have been changing is always on the incline. Google is becoming smarter as well as more powerful at all points of time — not just at analysing or understanding a web page but also in the way it is effective, keeping people within the framework.

The reason is that if Google gets better at answering questions in the SERPs and lead users to ads rather than constant listings, they make more money. However, this is much more difficult for those who rely heavily on organic search traffic of Google as a lifeline. The SERPs have been changing and mostly, not for betterment.

Here are eight actionable SEO techniques to drive organic traffic in 2020

Improve UX

Let’s begin with a short explanation of the role Google plays as a search engine. Much like most of the other search engines, its goal is to find the best results for every user’s query. In case they fail in this aspect, users will be less likely to employ this search engine again. That being said, Google does this really well and that’s why it is the “largest search engine in the world”.

Voice Search Optimization

With a lot of people possessing a smart speaker, it’s fine to state that voice search is the next big thing that must be factored into the SEO strategy of the best SEO company in India.

  • 72% of persons who own a voice-activated speaker say that these devices are utilized as a part of their daily routines.
  • 2 in 5 people make use of voice search daily

Mobile-First Design

Although voice search is crucial, time has proven that it is not really as important a tool as thought — particularly when we speak of conversions. Does this mean voice search will never be important for eCommerce marketers? Should voice search still evolve? This is yet to be seen. What we already know right now is that most of the searches, as well as half of all transactions, are done on mobile.

Topic Clusters

Google has been evolving along with its algorithm.  The objective now is to understand the search intent of the users — the things they expect or are looking for and most importantly, the search results that would help answer their questions best. This is where featured snippet boxes come into play.

Nonetheless, there is no need to expect a website to rank on Google’s first page just by creating content that’s keyword-focused. Now, besides considering the keywords, the context surrounding them is equally important. Also called “user intent”, you need to pay attention to the things that your buyers are searching for.

Long-Form Content

According to a study, long-form content is more likely to gain more backlinks, which can often mean better rankings as well as more traffic. But then again, writing 2,000+ words in each blog post might not be possible for even the best SEO company in India. This is not just intensive and time-consuming but also usually unnecessary. Only a few search queries come from people who want to read a lengthy blog post. Others just need a couple of words or sentences to get the answer they are looking for.

YouTube SEO

YouTube stands as the most prominent video site across the Internet and more than 2 billion active monthly users are looking at 1 billion hours of videos per day

Diverse Backlink Portfolio

This year, links are going to form an incredibly crucial part of SEO. Always remember, though, that their quality matters. Spam links can backfire on your site. A link from a very low DA site is not likely to be that valuable, while links that come from established domains are proven to generate more value than the ones from a newer site.

Don’t Sideline Technical SEO

You might be doing each and everything correctly, but in case your site is not sound technically, it might as well end up underperforming.


As we have already seen, SEO has been evolving rapidly. Business owners, as well as marketers, need to adapt that too fast. However, you can still give the website the required edge on competitors with the help of SEO Services in Delhi.

Ensure that you spend your time on the basics of solid content writing and copywriting to stay right on top of tech trends as well as its impact on aspects such as backlinks, site speed etc.