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8 Serious Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

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Technology has literally penetrated our lives so much so that we become highly dependent on it. Before this decade, no one knew that transferring data would be too easy, travelling without any directions or map wouldn’t be an issue or getting education right from our couches would be possible. Who would have thought that one day both teaches and students both would be at home and yet the education system would still be working.  

Currently, it might look difficult and inconvenient, but this is actually the future of every walk of life. The current year has clearly shown us that how we could minimize human interaction and the importance of our physical presence thanks to the fastest internet connection at our disposal.

But how many of us can actually see the other side of the coin. Like everything, it too has its cons and some of them are seriously dangerous. Let’s go through the eight most serious dangers of Artificial Intelligence that you might not have thought of.


With the growing number of devices powered by Artificial Intelligence and its integration in everyday life, it can be clearly seen that the need for manpower has decreased to an alarming level. We have even moved on to self-driving cars; what else do we need to see how threatening Artificial Intelligence is for the human race?

Increase in Hacks

Automation may allow machines to transfer viruses and important data much easier than humans could have done manually. Sometimes automated abilities can surpass human power or even control them and can cause major informational losses.

Global Safety Concerns

The world has now become a global village where everyone is connected with each other no matter how far away they are. In an era like this, there is a need for rather more strict laws and regulatory bodies must work and find out ways to ensure effective and safe global interactions.

Significant Contribution to Warfare

Artificial Intelligence enables autonomous drones, robotic swarms to attack remotely, and can even deliver diseases via nano-robots. This gives rise to a serious concern for defense authorities to be aware and prepared about the potential threats of Artificial Intelligence. We are not saying that we should get rid of Artificial Intelligence because of this potential threat, but we must be fully prepared to handle its adverse consequences. 

Breach of Privacy

Your machines can now track and analyze every little detail about you. The cameras and microphones of your cell phones and even the face-recognition software and passwords allow the AI software of s gadget to gather all information about you that it deems fit, which can be conveniently used against you as well.

The Depiction and Encouraging Bias

Since the algorithms of Artificial Intelligence are developed and regulated by humans themselves, it creates the possibility for personal bias to be incorporated into the algorithm as well. One of the examples is when back in the day, a facial recognition software by Google automatically tagged two African-American humans as gorillas in the photo. This indicates that human-generated algorithms can be racist and sexist, just like humans and can cause serious professional and moral loss anywhere anytime.


Artificial Intelligence has the power to create faces that never existed, manipulate images, can produce tweets, compose texts, and clone voices so easily. Most of the time it is used for smart advertising, of course, but once this technology becomes user-friendly it would become a child’s play to stick moving pictures on videos and create malicious content to harm the general public. Many celebrities have already been a victim of it and cyber laws should work more efficiently to stop this.

End of the Human Race

If artificially intelligent machines, gadgets, and robots would learn self-automation and regulate their algorithms on their own, they can even start wars all by themselves and decide that the human race is a hindrance to the overall peace of the world. While this may be a farfetched hypothesis, the possibility cannot be ignored, no matter how minute.

All in All

It has already been said that Artificial Intelligence is more dangerous than nuclear weapons; if it goes berserk, it may create potential threats for the human race and its overall well-being. We may need technology and a constant internet connection to get the most utility out of our daily lives, however, at the same time, we also need to give some detailed thought to the possible drawbacks of these technologies.