A Brief Guide on How to Get Your Weed Delivered to You in Canada


Medical marijuana has long been legalized in Canada, ever since mid-2001, which is nothing new. But in recent years, specifically since 2018, marijuana for recreational use was also authorized within the country.

With the legalization of weed, and the Coronavirus pandemic, weed delivery in Canada has become quite popular and has been a game-changer for many.

While registered individuals can order medical marijuana from authorized producers, the story is a bit different when it comes to recreational marijuana.

Let’s delve deeper into the regulations for marijuana delivery services and everything necessary for you to order weed right to your doorstep.

What is the Age Requirement to Buy Cannabis?

While laws may differ from province to province, the legal age required to purchase and consume marijuana in most areas of Canada is 19 years or higher.

But for provinces like Alberta, the minimum age requirement is 18 years. Another outlier is Québec which has recently set the legal age for cannabis use as 21 years.

What Types of Delivery Options Are Available?

THC delivery has had a long time to develop over the years in Canada. Now there are so many options that sub-categories within the delivery industry have started to pop up. Some popular delivery services are: magic mushrooms

Mail-Order Delivery

Canada is famously known for its mail-order cannabis delivery system, which most consider the standard for weed deliveries. It provides consumers with easy and trouble-free access to cannabis products.

You can go online to purchase marijuana and have it delivered straight to your mailbox by entering your postal code. In Canada, consumers aren’t just limited to cannabis but also weed-based products, foods infused with cannabis, and even magic mushrooms.

Scheduled Shipments

If you’re someone who orders cannabis for medical purposes, then the ideal choice would be the pick scheduled shipments of marijuana. That way, instead of ordering the same medicinal products each time, you could set up a specific date.

It can be set up as a daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled package. Scheduled cannabis allows you to buy marijuana products in bulk with better selections and makes the experience of ordering weed much more efficient.

Subscription-Based Packages

Subscription-based packages or subscription boxes are widely popular marijuana-themed bundles that include lighters, pipes, grinders, joint paper, and various other essentials for cannabis smokers.

Many different companies and subscription services have their own unique products added to the mix in a conveniently packed box for cannabis users to enjoy.

Membership Deals

Membership deliveries operate a bit differently. They are set up by membership clubs that offer fast deliveries, savings, and bundles of cannabis products at low prices to their members drug rehab new jersey

Each club runs differently and provides specific deals for cannabis users. Some favor smokers, while others may be designed for recreational weed consumers.

What is the Law Regarding Cannabis Delivery?

Not only are there strict rules in place for marijuana sellers and providers, but there are also a few requirements that the receiver of such products must follow as well.

Upon receiving the package, the recipient is required to:

  • Provide proof of their age with either a driver’s license, ID card, or another legal document.
  • Go through an age verification process set by the government.
  • Sign a signature for validation.

What Businesses Can Ship Marijuana?

In terms of medical marijuana, only licensed suppliers approved by Health Canada are authorized to ship and distribute the cannabis to registered patients.

While recreationally, the regulations are a bit convoluted. Each province has its own specific shipment and distribution plan. Some regions allow certified private dealers to trade marijuana, while others only permit government-operated shops to dispense it.

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