A Complete Guide To your Home Health Care Services Types

The need for home health care services is limitless. There can be any reason why you need to look for reputable personal care companies to get your hands on a reliable person. As the medical needs are different, so are the health care needs. Its requirements, terms, and conditions, everything varies from patient to patient. For example, it ranges from nursing care to specialized medical services.

The best thing to do is consult your doctor to get advice on the right type of care plan and treatment you need. There is a wide list of home care services that include;

Doctor Care

This type of personal health care includes a doctor’s visit at home to diagnose if the patient can move to the hospital himself. The treatment varies based on the illness.

Nursing Care

The most prevalent sort of home health care is nursing care, which varies according to the individual’s needs. A registered nurse will develop a plan of treatment in cooperation with the doctor. Nursing care may involve wound pain management, dressing, ostomy care, , pharmaceutical administration, patient monitoring, intravenous therapy, and other health assistance.

Physical/ Occupational Therapy

After an illness or accident, some patients may require assistance relearning how to perform daily tasks or improving their voice. A physical therapist can develop a plan of therapy to assist a patient in regaining or strengthening muscle and joint function. An occupational therapist can assist a patient who has physical, developmental, social, or emotional difficulties in relearning how to perform routine tasks such as eating, bathing, and clothing. A speech therapist can assist a patient who has difficulty communicating clearly in regaining that capacity.

Social Services

Medical social workers provide a wide range of services to patients, including counseling and accessing community resources to aid the patient in his or her rehabilitation. The patient’s case manager is a social worker who works with the patient when the patient’s medical condition is extremely complex and requires the coordination of numerous providers.

Home Health Aides

Home Health Aides are very basic but are a necessity for a patient. People who work (Go on jobs) are not able to attend to the patient 24/7. Apart from that, there are special tricks to handle bedridden patients. This is why professional home health aides are available. They help you patient in getting up from the bed, walking, bathing, and even dressing. All such basic personal needs come under the supervision of a professionally qualified nurse.

A Home Assistant

While a patient is receiving medical treatment at home, a homemaker or someone who assists with household duties or responsibilities can help maintain the household by preparing meals, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and performing other housekeeping jobs.

Volunteer Care

Volunteers from community organizations can provide basic comfort to the patient by providing companionship, assisting with personal care, transporting the patient, providing emotional support, and/or assisting with paperwork.


Another type of home care service includes home deliveries. Often referred to as Meals-on-Wheels, several towns provide this service to residents who are unable to prepare meals for themselves. Hot meals can be provided several times a week, depending on the individual’s needs. And hire only the best services!

Who is eligible for home health care services?

Home Health eligibility Criteria cover;

  • Your doctor recommended it!

Your doctor will visit with you to assess if you are eligible for home health care. A new diagnosis or worsening of an existing ailment, a new drug or change in medication, or frequent visits to your doctor or hospital may indicate that you are qualified to avail of local home health care services.


  • You are bound to stay home because of your illness

Additionally, you must meet the Medicare homebound criteria in order to be eligible for home health care Basically, this means that leaving the house is difficult for you and that you require assistance. To determine if you are eligible for Medicare’s homebound benefits, your doctor will conduct an evaluation of your current health. Most likely, they’ll certify that you’re confined to your house.

  • You are receiving medical care from a certified professional.

The demand for home health care services is inexhaustible. There could be any number of reasons why you would want to hunt for renowned personal care firms in order to get your hands on a trustworthy individual. As medical requirements differ from one another, so do healthcare requirements. Everything, from the requirements to the terms and circumstances, differs from patient to patient. For example, it can include everything from nursing care to specialist medical services and all in between.

The best course of action is to talk with your doctor in order to determine the appropriate type of care plan and treatment for you.