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A comprehensive guide on Crypto management

As this world is becoming modern day by day, Technologies are also being improved on a daily basis. Crypto currencies are one of the most significant examples. Crypto has totally changed the financial status of many people.  Nowadays everyone is interested in making money in a short duration of time and trading is one of the best options to grow your capital, but at a high risk. Instead of trading in the share market people like to invest their money in crypto currencies. They buy and sell crypto to gain some profit and look for a dip to grow their funds even more. 

Investing in Crypto is not a child’s play, there are many technicalities involved in crypto trading. So here is a brief article about the crypto trading and management you should know if you are investing in crypto.

What is a Crypto portfolio?

When anybody invests in crypto they buy crypto from the different websites / Apps. Crypto portfolio stands for a service where all your holdings are listed and you can keep an eye on them. There are different service providers which help you to keep all of your holdings listed at a place. Binocs is one of the leading crypto portfolio management services which will help you in every case related to the crypto investment. They have created a place where you can keep track of all of your assets and holdings. Apart from these, they also prove tax related information which is being imposed on your holdin when you try to exchange them.

What is Crypto portfolio tracking and why do we need it?

As we know that crypto is a volatile holding. It can go from hell to heaven or from heaven to hell within a few seconds. So everybody needs to keep a watch on their holdings. Crypto portfolio tracking is a method in which you can track the data of your holding in different crypto assets and manage it in one place. You will get all related information about the price, loss, profit and many more under a single hood. Within a few years the most common question is how to track a crypto portfolio.

How To Track Crypto Portfolio?

Tracking the crypto portfolio does not need any high specific technological skill. There are many pre established service providers which allow you to track your crypto portfolio just by signing in to their website / apps. Most of them can feel hectic for one to understand whereas different service providers. I will suggest you to use Binocs as the interface is very easy to understand and except from this no KYC is required to use their service. You can use their service just by signing up on their website through email. All you need is just to connect your wallet to their website. Do not be afraid as they are completely professional and none of your crypto data is going to be shared publicly, They will keep your data private and safe.

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