A Few Care Tips That You Need to Follow Post Liposuction Surgery

Many women and men all over the world have liposuction surgery to remove excess fast. Liposuction is not for people with overweight. Instead, it is a procedure that only helps in eliminating the stubborn refuses to go away despite following a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

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The recovery period is one of the most crucial phases after any surgery. It goes the same for liposuction. You may want to flaunt your flat stomach right after liposuction, but you need to be extremely cautious during the recovery period. As every person’s body is unique, the recovery time may also vary. In this article, you will learn about a few tips that you must follow post the liposuction surgery for the best results.

Suggestions for the Better Recovery of Liposuction Surgery

  • The first 72 hours:
  • For the first 24 to 72 hours after surgery, crimson fluid will leak on garments and linens. Do not panic, as it is normal. The doctors inject the fluid into the area before the surgery for making the process easier for you.
  • Make sure to wear a compression garment all the time. You can remove it only during the shower. Compression clothes help you recuperate faster by reducing swelling.
  • To avoid the formation of blood clots, move every two hours.
  • Do not force yourself to move too fast:

Liposuction is still an invasive surgical operation that requires time to recuperate,even thoughit does not require major incisions.You will be very sore after your liposuction operation, and you will need someone to help you around the house for the first 24 to 48 hours with your daily things. Therefore, make sure you take one to two weeks off from work and your regular activities.

  • Do not smoke:

Smoking and other kinds of nicotine are harmful at any time,but they become exacerbated during recovery. Nicotine usage reduces blood flow, which might lengthen the healing process and put you at risk of infection.

  • Keep hydrating your body:

Any surgical operation, including liposuction, can cause dehydration. During surgery, your body loses a lot of water, which you must replace to keep your tissues hydrated and able to mend.Aim for eight to twelve cups of low-calorie drinks per day. Water, herbal tea, or diluted fruit juices are examples of these beverages.

  • Have proper and healthy food:

A healthy diet will hasten your recuperation just as an unhealthy diet would slow it down.Therefore, eat only healthy food like lean protein, antioxidants, and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables to aid wound healing.

  • Do not wear clothes that are too tight:

You may wish to wear skin-fit clothes to show off your flat belly after liposuction, but during your recovery period, you must prefer wearing loose-fitting clothes only.

  • Avoid going to the gym:

You need to know how much movement is good enough for promoting appropriate blood flow. If you move too fastly or too slowly, it will directly affect the blood flow. Therefore, during your recovery phase, avoid going to the gym as it may affect you badly.

After liposuction surgery, your doctor will provide you with certain instructions. Make sure to follow each one of them seriously to attain the best result.

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